What is Campus Activities Board?

The NAIT Students’ Association operates a Campus Activities Board.  It’s a team of 14 students and 5 supervisors that work together to provide students at NAIT with over 140 kick-ass events each year.

If you’re interested in being a part of this amazing group next year, there are four key areas where you will need to focus your attention:

  1. Visionary thinking – Help NAITSA set its direction for events in the upcoming year.
  2. Providing feedback – Tell NAITSA what you think about everything we do, and what you think we should do.
  3. Collecting data – Mingle with the student body and listen to what they have to say – what do they do for fun, what do they expect from NAITSA, and how do they like to communicate with us – and report back to the team.
  4. Support the team – Work together! Campus Activities Board is only successful if every member brings their “A-game”, their best energy and support to the team. Be there to lend a hand when someone needs help and they will return the favour.

Ask any Campus Activities Board alum and they will say that this was the highlight of their NAIT experience. The friendships formed are long-lasting, every shift brings a lot of laughter, and members get to apply skills they have learned in the classroom to enhance campus life at NAIT.

There are two (2) Volunteer Coordinator positions available for the 2019-2020 NAIT academic year.

Position Description

The Campus Activities Board – Volunteer Coordinator is the point of contact for the Volunteer Initiatives Program (VIP) at NAITSA. They foster relationships with diverse non-profit organizations to bring their volunteer opportunities to campus for NAIT students via the web and Volunteer Fairs.  The coordinators also plan events that encourage students to give back to their community (ie. Trick or Treat, seniors visits or cooking for the less fortunate) as well as recognition for outstanding student volunteers.

Primary Responsibilities

Campus Activities Board Volunteer Coordinators are integral to providing students with a well-rounded campus life experience.  This role has four key functions:

Networking & Relationship Building

  • Increase partner retention by fostering relationships with partner non-profit organizations
  • Work with partners to ensure position postings are kept up-to-date and follow up with any student inquiries to the organization
  • Find and pursue leads to increase the number of partner organizations
  • Build and maintain relationships with NAIT instructors and other staff on campus that require volunteer hours for their students
  • Act as the point of contact for partners via phone, email and in-person
  • Talk to students to learn trends in volunteering

Event Planning & Coordination of Student Volunteers

  • Coordinate a series of volunteer events that will engage students in meaningful work in the community
  • Coordinate and lead volunteers during NAITSA projects, events and initiatives
  • Prepare the students to be successful during their volunteer work through training, supervision and appreciation

Student Communications

  • Help students at NAIT adopt volunteering as a personal value through awareness of importance to their community
  • Communicate current and upcoming opportunities to students via NAITSA website
  • Support partner organization initiatives by helping to recruit student volunteers
  • Work to develop promotions for the volunteer initiatives to increase awareness of the program to students and staff at NAIT
  • Report regularly to the Campus Activities Board (CAB) about project updates, initiating marketing plans and other relevant work as needed
  • Host weekly “Pop-Up” events where non-profits are on campus talking about their volunteer opportunities and Volunteer Coordinators share other upcoming opportunities

Administer the Volunteer Initiatives Program (VIP)

  • Track student volunteer hours
  • Develop a reward system for students who are outstanding volunteers
  • Maintain all records for events


  • Enrolled as a NAIT student in good academic standing for the 2020-2021 academic year
  • Friendly, outgoing self-starter with the ability to engage partners and students
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Microsoft Office and Google-doc proficient.
  • Must be able to lift and move up to 25lbs
  • Must be able to attend the “Think Tank Retreat” from May 4-7, 2020 (out of town- accommodations, food & transport provided)

The postings for the 2020-2021 Campus Activities Board will be open until 8am Monday February 3, 2020. NAITSA appreciates all applications for employment to the Students’ Association but only those applicants chosen for an interview will be contacted.  Note that if you want to be considered for other CAB roles, you must submit an application for each position.  Hours of work vary each month.


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