Campus Activity Board


What does The Campus Activity Board (CAB) do?

The Campus Activity Board (CAB) is a group of students from all demographics that represent NAIT students in the extracurricular activities that NAITSA provides.


CAB Members – 2017/2018


Shelby Salt

Hello! My name is Shelby Salt and I am in my second year of my Accounting Degree here at NAIT. I am a Calgarian born and raised constantly having to answer the question “Why did you move to Edmonton?” and the answer is simple “Why the heck not?”. My first year at NAIT I attended many of the CAB hosted events and had a blast every time. When I found out that I could actually be a part of the Campus Activites Board and help foster student engagement I had to apply. I am honored and excited to be a part of the Events Committee this year and cannot wait to throw some awesome events this year and work with some of the most amazing people I know!

I have a passion for dancing and all things musical. When I’m not attending, or hosting events at the Nest every Thursday evening I am either dancing around my kitchen or exploring Edmonton, there is so much I still haven’t seen! Three things I want to do this year in Edmonton this year are – River Valley Segway Adventure, attend the Fringe Festival, take a street car across the High-Level Bridge.

Come have some fun with us this year! We are here to help YOU create some amazing memories and make your time at NAIT way more enjoyable than just sitting at a desk every day. If you see me in the hall don’t hesitate to say Hi, I love making new friends!

Harley Russell

My name is Harley Russell. I am currently in my fourth year of my Accounting Degree at the North Alberta Institute of Technology. I love to volunteer, play and coach basketball, be outdoors and travel. I have had the privilege of being on the NAIT Women’s Basketball Team for three years and this will be my second year as a CAB NAITSA Event Coordinator. We have a diverse and exemplary CAB committee this year, I cannot wait to attend the amazing events we have planned this year with every NAIT students.

John Joseph Valderrama

Hello, I’m John Joseph Valderrama and I’m one of this year’s Event Coordinators. I am an International Student from the Philippines where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Consular and Diplomatic Affairs. I am currently taking General Diploma in Business Administration with emphasis on Human Resources. I’ve been very passionate about professional esports since I was a teenager. After graduating college, I worked for Electronic Sports League (ESL) and Mineski Events Team as a Community Manager and Event Manager for APAC (Asia and the Pacific) and managed events in Taiwan and Malaysia. The thrill of setting up the event, the buzz of the crowd, even the smell of the stadium – all make for an electrically charged atmosphere. I’ve seen it first hand and every event was surreal! As CAB’s Event Coordinator, I would like to impart this experience to my fellow NAIT Students. The feeling of belongingness, to know that you are a part of something bigger – this is what most people aspire, this is what CAB has given me and this is what I want to impart to NAIT Students especially those far away from home. This year, I want students to participate and experience all the opportunities NAITSA has to offer. I’m looking forward to this year’s events and I hope you enjoy them with us! There’s more to life than work and deadlines; quoting Anthony Bourdain, “There is no final resting place of the mind. If I’m an advocate for anything, it’s to move. As far as you can, as much as you can.”



John Skene

My name is John Skene and I’ll be the Clubs Marketing Coordinator on CAB for the 2017/2018 school year.

I’m a Bachelor of Business Administration student majoring in Marketing. I studied in Toronto for my first two years and am happy to be back home in Edmonton. I was named a 2017 “Top 30 Under 30” by the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation and recently finished my Business Administration diploma.

My work has taken me many places, most recently returning from Greece where I was working alongside the United Nations and delivering aid in refugee camps.

I’ve also worked on federal political campaigns, marketing campaigns, and with various domestic non-profits. I’m currently studying Greek on top of my studies at NAIT and try to keep myself as busy as possible.

I have little interest in for profit jobs and would love to continue on to an MBA after my BBA so I can return to working in international roles. I’m looking forward to helping clubs at NAIT and learning as much as I can in the process.

Dan Pocsidio

Hi! I’m Dan. I’m one of this year’s CAB Clubs Coordinators. I am in the Bachelor of Applied Information Systems Technology (BAIST) program so you’ll most likely find me over at the third floor of the HP building. I’ve been President of the Board Gamers club here on campus since 2016. I love board gaming so you can probably spot me in the hallways hauling games in my arms. Other than board games, my other interests include movie theatre popcorn, freshwater aquariums, and all things computer! This is my second year as a CAB Clubs Coordinator and I’m so excited that I get to spend another year getting involved in the ridiculous amount of activities around campus.

I was never really an outgoing student before coming to NAIT, but in 2015, I decided to join the board gaming club here on campus. I met so many people and got to do so many fun things that it ended up being the best school year I’ve had. I owed it all to being involved in events and activities around campus. After being in CAB last year and getting even more involved, my time spent here on campus just got better and better. That’s the reason why I really wanted to stick around. I am in CAB because I want students to have as good or an even better experience as I had over the past couple of years participating in all the opportunities that NAITSA had to offer. There’s so much more here at NAIT than just your education; you just have to take the plunge!

Claire Ferreira

Hello there! My name is Claire Ferreira and I’ll be one of this years C.A.B. Club Coordinators. I’m currently in my second and last year of the Hospitality Management program. I’m not an international student but I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to Canada when I was only six years old. I would describe myself as being very outgoing, outspoken, fiery, and goofy. Outside of school, I enjoy playing soccer, basketball, guitar, the drums, eating food (specifically mashed potatoes), and most importantly, meeting new people. When I first attended NAIT, I wasn’t very involved with the student body and rarely attended events. I realized that I needed to get more involved at school so I eventually started up the Pride Club with one of my friends. I did not regret it at all! After starting up the club, I became much more engaged with other students and was more motivated to succeed. Because it impacted me in such a great way, I decided that joining C.A.B. was the next best option for me! I am really looking forward to creating the best memories and best atmosphere for NAIT students this upcoming year!



Abbey Boyd

Its Abbey here! I am in my second year student here at NAIT and I am working towards my Bachelor of Business Administration emphasizing in Accounting (Boring I know!)

I have always been involved in volunteering around my community and am super excited to bring as many new, unique, and inspiring volunteer opportunities to NAIT students! I understand that we as students already need 1000 extra hours added to the day, so I want to make volunteering a fun experience that is easy to make time for rather than being a chore!

You can usually find me and my text books sprawled out by a window soaking up some sunlight in the CAT building, but when i’m not at school you most likely WILL NOT be able to find me in the edmonton area! Although my emphasis may be boring, my lifestyle is far from! My significant other and I, accompanied by our crazy kitten Marvin take our little 13 foot trailer on wild adventures as often as possible in the summer months! Our friends call us house hippies! As for the winter months, I can’t remember the last Sunday I was not in the mountains being convinced to do dumb stunts on my snowboard – Almost 99.99% of the time it ends in a crazy FAIL video!

Hearing about all the events CAB will be hosting this year has be more excited then ever to start the school year! I am looking forward to all the wonderful people I will meet! If you ever see me and my mess of books studying, don’t be shy, just come say hi!

Erick Estrada

My name is Tonatiuh Erick Estrada Aguirre, yes 2 names 2 last names, I am from Mexico my hometown name is Cuernavaca and it is known as the city of eternal spring, this is because like Edmonton it has a very nice and warm spring with a small difference that it last all year. Something interesting about me is that my name “Tonatiuh” means God of the Sun in “Nahuatl” the Aztecs language, but you can call me Erick. Here at NAIT I started studying English as a second language level 1 in 2013, now I am taking Business Management and hopefully next year I will finished my diploma.

In my free time, I love camping, snowboarding, being with friends and helping others. Those are some of the reasons why I joined CAB; because I love being with friends and helping others.



Leanne Klimek

Hi! My name is Leanne. This is my third year at NAIT, and second year of the Digital Media IT program, studying Web Design. Before DMIT, I completed the Graphic Communications program. I’m a huge design nerd perpetually enthusiastic about learning new things. I’ve loved being a student at NAIT, and, as a member of the Campus Activities Board, I’m hoping to share a bit of my excitement for our awesome school community with the people I meet every day on campus.

As far as non-studious activities go, I enjoy biking to class, bouldering at NAIT’s new climbing gym, and swimming in our very excellent pool. If you see me around the hallway, feel free to say hi! I’d love to meet you in person.

Astrid Herrera

Hola, I’m Astrid. I’m currently a DMIT student in my second year of the IT System Administration stream. I’m just a Latina girl born in El Salvador who was lucky enough to spend most of her weekends enjoying time at the beach. I speak Spanish fluently and I like to consider my English good enough as well. I love Canada, although the winters might get just a bit too cold for me, poutine will always be there to keep me warm.

On my spare time, I love going to the movies and hanging out with my friends while we look for the best places to eat around Edmonton. Honey Garlic chicken wings and Wing Wednesdays are life. During the summer, I really enjoy going camping and being outdoors (as long as I have a good bug spray); however, sometimes you can also find me home being busy binge watching Netflix or anime series, and when I get lucky not being the typical broke college student, I like to travel!

Why I joined CAB? I believe school shouldn’t be all about studying, having a good time has always been a priority for me. Getting involved around campus has given me the opportunity to take part of really fun events and interact with a lot of people. I’m very excited to be able to make a difference in our student’s campus life. As you get to know me you’ll definitely find out how much I love chatting and making new friends, so if you see around feel free to say hi!