Campus Activity Board


What does The Campus Activity Board (CAB) do?

The Campus Activity Board (CAB) is a group of students from all demographics that represent NAIT students in the extracurricular activities that NAITSA provides.


CAB Members – 2016/2017


Erika Acorda


Hey there! My name is Erika Acorda and I’m a Marketing student in my 2nd year of the Business Admin Program here at NAIT. Growing up, I always loved planning events and seeing people come relax and enjoy themselves, while also meeting new people.  Needless to say, being a member of the 2016/2017 NAITSA C.A.B. Committee as an Events Committee member is fitting, and a dream! When I have free time, I like to go to concerts, scope out the best places to eat in Edmonton, (mostly desserts), thrifting clothes, and binge watching shows on Netflix (I’m on Firefly and Gilmore Girls right now). I am so excited for this new school year, and can’t wait to have some fun and help YOU create some incredible memories during your time here at NAIT!

Calli-Rae Barker


Calli, here! I am in my fourth year at NAIT in the Bachelor Business Administration Program with an emphasis in Human Resources. So why did I want to become a CAB member? Because NAIT is awesome!! The students are awesome and I am passionate about student engagement. I believe that these can be a few of the best years of our lives; so why not have fun while studying I will be working as one of the Events Coordinators and in this role, I want to provide fun interactive events that everyone will remember for years to come!

Last year, 2015-2016, I was elected as a Senator for the Business Administration Program. I truly enjoyed representing the students in governing NAITSA. In that role, I enjoyed seeing the energy and commitment that the President, the Vice Presidents and the NAITSA staffs had for the students of NAIT. I plan to do the same, this year!

When I am not at school or at events, you will probably see me walking through the River Valley or at the various markets in Edmonton. I also enjoy snowboarding, yoga, and chilling on a patio on Whyte!
I am looking forward to meeting many more students and for all of the fun events planned this year! So please, don’t be shy and if you see me in the hallways, say HI! If you have any ideas for events you would like to see at NAIT, let me know! We will try our very best to make it happen.

Minela Masic


My name is Minela Masic and I am an International student from Croatia where I graduated at University of Zagreb and earned my Associate degree in Home and International Business, Bachelor and Master degree in Business Economy (Accounting). I am taking a two-year Personal Fitness Trainer and Leadership program at NAIT. I used to play a handball and I was a part of Croatian National Team since I was 15 years old.

Edmonton has been my home for the last 22 months, and I came to Canada alone, where I had to build a home for myself from the scratch. I started to spend a lot of time at NAIT, and because of my curiosity I discovered NAITSA and a lot of other benefits that are offered for free to every student. I really wanted to use a full potential of NAIT and be involved in the community which is one of the reasons why I applied for a C.A.B. event coordinator position. As a C.A.B. member I got the chance to be a part of the team, to plan, create, implement, make a lifetime friends, have fun, and to be a student who gets a chance to see how everything looks from a different point of view, a view that is more mature and which tells me that everything is possible if you put yourself out there, and also if you put your trust in others. In the past 12 months I learned more than in the last 10 years when it comes to the life, dreams, goals and achieving them, and this role helped me to challenge the process, which is my new life.

Harley Russell


My name is Harley Russell. I am currently in my third year of my Accounting Degree at the North Alberta Institute of Technology. I love to volunteer, play and coach basketball, be outdoors and travel. I have had the privilege of being on the NAIT Women’s Basketball Team for the last three years, I loved representing NAIT as an Ook athlete. It was an amazing experience to win gold at provincials and a bronze medal at nationals this past year. This year I was also the head coach of the U15 JP spring league team, I loved seeing the girls work on their skills and improve every practice.

I am honored to be a part of a number of volunteer organizations throughout the year, such as; YWCA, Lion’s Club, JDRF, Belcourt Brosseau and Santa’s Anonymous. This summer I went camping with the MyGirl Space YWCA program, helping the girls go through workshops and improve self image. As for travel, I am very excited that this summer I will be doing a cross Canada road trip to see Nova Scotia!

I was interested in becoming a CAB NAITSA committee member for the opportunity to get more involved with NAIT and to create unforgettable memories. The CAB position will provide me with the ideal opportunity to strengthen my planning and social skills. While make a difference within NAIT, adding value to student life and our college careers. The committee gives me the opportunity to work with a team, collaborating and creating ideas together. I am honored to be a part of such an amazing committee and I know I am going to learn a ton from the diverse and unique individuals on CAB this year. I cannot wait to attend the amazing events we have planned this year with every NAIT students.



Adrian Mok


My name is Adrian from Hong Kong. I am year 2 student of Bachelor of Technology in Construction Management program. I have a lot of different hobbies such as basketball, jazz drums, snowboarding, meeting new friends, and working out. You can find me all the time in the NAIT’s basketball court. I also like snowboarding since I came to Edmonton last year. Snowboarding is one of my favourite activities in Alberta but I am still at the beginners level. I will practice a lot in coming winter.  In addition, I love to meet more new friends and share different cultures with my friends especially in summer time. Please do not hesitate to say “HELLO” to me in the corridor.

In the last year, I am glad that I had an opportunity to participate in my program club (Btech Club) and become the president of BTech club in coming year. I find that my vision is to inspire people and help them to grow. One of the reasons I became a C.A.B member is to help NAIT students to have a great school experience while they may have a stressful life in NAIT.

NAITSA has more than 80 clubs including interest clubs and program clubs. ALL Clubs are FUN!!!! Please ask me if you want more information. As the club coordinator of C.A.B, I am looking forward to help different club members to grow and become success.

Dan Pocsidio


Hi! I’m Dan. I’m one of this year’s CAB Club Coordinators! I am in my second year in the Computer Engineering Technology program hoping to finish my diploma this coming April. I’m also currently the president of the Board Games club here on campus. I absolutely love board games so you can probably spot me in the hallways hauling games in my arms. Other than board games, my other interests include movie theatre popcorn, freshwater aquariums, swimming, and computing. I am so excited to be part of this year’s CAB. I was never really an outgoing student, but, last year, I decided to join the board gaming club here on campus. I met so many people who showed me all the activities that NAITSA had to offer. It really opened up so many opportunities for me. I can say for certain that I’ve never had a better school year than I did in 2015/16. I owe it all to getting involved in events and activities around campus. That’s the reason why I’m here. I joined CAB because I want students to have as good or an even better experience as I had last year from participating in all the opportunities that NAITSA had to offer. There’s so much more here at NAIT than just your education; you just have to take the plunge!



Erick Aguirre


My name is Tonatiuh Erick Estrada Aguirre, yes 2 names, 2 last names, I am from Mexico my hometown name is Cuernavaca and it is known as the city of eternal spring, this is because like Edmonton it has a very nice and warm spring with a small difference. Spring lasts all year. Something interesting about me is that my name “Tonatiuh” means God of the Sun in “Nahuatl” the Aztecs language, but you can call me Erick. Here at NAIT, I started studying English as a second language level 1 in 2013, now I am taking academic upgrading and hopefully next year I will be joining Business Administration.

In my free time, I love camping, snowboarding, being with friends and helping others. Those are some of the reasons why I joined CAB; because I love being with friends and helping others.


Hi Nait people!! I am enrolled in the Digital media and I.T program working towards becoming a Business Analyst. I joined CAB to become involved and contribute positively to other student’s time while here. I sit on the Volunteer subcommittee and I am pumped we will be connecting students with fantastic organizations around the city. Outside of school I love to play soccer, go bike riding, and eating pizza/any other food. One of my favorite songs is the Piña Cola Song, I don’t know why but I just do, and most anything John Frusciante plays a guitar to. So, if you see me say hi, or if you have any volunteering ideas let me know.



Angie Barone


Hi! My name is Angie Barone, and I am one of the Marketing Coordinators on C.A.B. this year. I am just about to start the fourth year of my Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a Marketing emphasis. I have loved my time as a student at NAIT. Every year that I spend here, I meet interesting people and create amazing memories. I joined C.A.B. because I wanted to become even more involved around campus, and help other students make the most of their time on campus. Personally, I love cats, Harry Potter, watching YouTube, and reading. I am an out-going, open-minded, and creative person, with a passion for NAIT, and a drive to make every student’s time here as enjoyable as mine has been. NAITSA is a very important aspect of campus life and I am confident that our C.A.B. team will work hard to connect students to the great things NAITSA can offer them. I look forward to meeting as many students as possible around campus this year, so if you see me at a NAITSA event stop by and say hi!

Jessica Brisson


Hello fellow NAIT students. Currently, I am enrolled in the Computer Software Development stream in DMIT in order to pursue a career in application development.
I am all about meeting new people and gaining new experiences. That is why I decided to join NAITSA’s Campus Activities Board. I feel that my role here will allow me to promote all the fun and wonderful events that take place on campus. School doesn’t always have to be about hitting the books, it is also about making friends and sharing great experiences. It is that kind of connection that I hope to foster during my time with CAB.

Outside of school, I am a lover of sports, comics, anime, gaming and anything nerdy. Whether it is cheering at a hockey game, rocking out at a metal show, or rolling for intimidation during a heated game of DND (yes you read the right), I love being a part of the action, no matter the form it takes.

So, if you see me in the halls say Hi. I would love to get to know you more.



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