A Campus Ambassador is a student volunteer who is a representative of NAIT. Campus Ambassadors lead campus tours and participate in events such as Program Previews and Open House. Ambassadors work together to learn about NAIT and ensure that everyone they meet has a positive experience.

Campus Ambassadors will:

-Gain experience to help improve their resume
-Receive a personal reference letter for scholarships and/or employment opportunities
-Receive recognition on their transcript for program participation
-Develop their public speaking and leadership skills
-Meet new people and make a positive difference in the NAIT community
-Have the opportunity to attend personal and professional development sessions

Campus Ambassadors are expected to:

-Volunteer for a minimum of 15 hours per semester (training sessions included)
-Facilitate/co-facilitate a minimum of three campus tours per semester
-Meet with the Campus Visits Coordinator for a 1:1 meeting once a semester
-Participate in an end of year reflection assessing their experience as a Campus Ambassador
-Complete two training sessions, attend team meetings, and regularly check email for updates


-Basic knowledge of NAIT campus and willingness to learn about NAIT in more depth
-Ability to speak strongly of their own program and experiences at NAIT
-Interpersonal skills – the ability to interact well with others
-Willingness to develop public speaking skills
-Ability to communicate in a clear, concise manner and adapt communications as necessary


Fill out the application form and submit it via email to campustours@nait.ca or drop it off in person at the Student Services Centre in CAT. Deadline for applications is Friday, September 14, 2018 at 11:59 p.m.

If you have any questions regarding the volunteer opportunity, please email campustours@nait.ca or call Nicole at 780-378-8277.

-Note: Resumes and cover letters are not required as part of your application.