Covid-19 Student Relief Bursary Eligibility Criteria

1. Student must be enrolled full-time.

  • DDCP (including Academic Upgrading): Full-Time enrollment consists of being enrolled in 9 credits.
  • English as a Second Language: Full-Time enrollment consists of enrollment in three courses.
  • Minimum GPA of 1.7

2. Students must have exhausted other options, with the exception of consumer credit, including CERB, CESB, student aid, NAIT payment plan, other bill payment deferrals.

3.Students must demonstrate financial need and have a documented urgent financial need directly related to COVID-19, such as travel, relocation, medical, lost wages, etc.

Program Details

Bursary amounts will vary to meet student need, up to a maximum bursary of $2,000 per student, per year (September to August). This will allow NAIT to maximize the number of students that are supported while ensuring the support is meaningful.

Students may apply multiple times if their situation warrants until they reach their bursary maximum.

Documentation may be requested to support financial need or COVID-related expenses.

Bursaries to support costs incurred in the Spring 2020 term will be disbursed after the add/drop deadline (Saturday, May 16).