Emergency Procedures

• Immediately vacate the area
• Follow the instructions of First Responders
• Avoid the affected area until First Responders give the ‘All Clear’
• Enter and remain indoors
• Close doors and windows
• For severe weather, stay away from outside walls and windows
• For a hazardous material release, close or block any ventilation sources
• Remain sheltered until First Responders give the ‘All Clear’

• Approach the injured person only if it is safe to do so (i.e. no gas leaks, fire, etc.)
• Do not move ill or injured person(s) unless it is essential for their safety
• Provide First Aid
• Remain at the scene
• In the case of a fire, sound the fire alarm. Check doors for heat. If they are hot, do NOT open
• Leave the area as directed by emergency wardens
• Close (but do NOT lock) all doors behind you
• If possible, take your belongings
• Do NOT use elevators
• If you need assistance evacuating, advise an emergency warden
• Gather at Emergency Meeting Points
• Do NOT re-enter until First Responders give the ‘All Clear’

Run – Exit the building quickly and keep your hands visible to First Responders
Hide – If you can’t run, hide. Turn off lights and stay quiet
Fight – If you are in imminent danger, fight to defeat the attacker
Check-In/Report – Once you are safe, let others know. Report any observations to First Responders
• For crimes in progress, call 911. For threats and suspicious packages, notify NAIT Protective Services
• Record as much information as possible about the circumstance and perpetrator
• If the situation becomes violent, and injury to persons or damage to property may occur, leave the area
• Do not touch or handle suspicious packages

• Enter a building and remain indoors
• Ensure doors and windows are closed
• Continue regular working/learning activities unless directed otherwise
• Stay indoors until First Responders give the ‘All Clear’
• Enter a room and turn off lights
• Do NOT answer the door or activate the fire alarm unless there is a fire
• Stay quiet and remain hidden until First Responders give the ‘All Clear’
• Silence mobile devices


Calling for help during an emergency

1. If this is an emergency, call 911. (Please note, if you call 911 from a landline on any of our campuses, Protective Services is automatically alerted.)
2. In a situation that is non-urgent or not life-threatening, contact Protective Services at 780.471.7477.
3. When in doubt, call 911.

For more information, visit nait.ca/emergency