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Midday Meditation – Movement Edition

September 16 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Just like everybody is different, our minds are unique structures that work in different ways. We’re partnering with Sarah Dawne Yoga & Wellness to bring you a series of live, guided meditation sessions. Each month we’ll explore a different type of meditation, and offer a safe space for internal exploration while building a deeper connection. We recommend you try each one to find out which style best suits you.

Every workshop will begin with a bit of gentle movement to nourish and relax the physical body, while helping to unwind from busy schedules. From there, we’ll explore various meditation techniques and learn how much strength lies in the ability to remain centered, as well as how we can begin to bring the practice of mindfulness into our everyday lives. You don’t need to bring anything to this session, although we recommend keeping a journal for reflection. We also encourage you to dress comfortably and to have as many props (pillows, blankets, etc.) as you need to help maintain comfort and support throughout the body.

Workshop #1: Movement/Body Scan Meditation

Many forms of meditation encourage you to remain in one position, but movement meditation focuses on the body in motion. This style of meditation is especially helpful for those who are just learning the practice of meditation or have a difficult time stilling the mind. As we move through a slow, supported yoga practice, we will focus our attention on the internal experience of each posture paired with breath. Afterwards, we’ll dissolve into stillness as you are guided through a body scan meditation for complete embodiment and a sense of well-being.


September 16
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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