Executive Council


NAITSA Executive & Staff

Led by the President, NAITSA’s Executive team is made up of three Vice Presidents: a VP Academic, a VP Student Services, and a VP External. Each team member holds varying portfolios and works together throughout the year to provide services, events, and activities for NAIT students. All executives are elected to their positions on a yearly basis by the student body. To run for Executive Council, you must be a full-time or part-time student who is registered in a regular day program student with good academic standing. Regardless if you’re in the first or last year of your program you can still run for office. Click here to learn about our past Executive Council members.


Life as a NAITSA Executive

Student executives enjoy many benefits while gaining valuable experience for their resumes. On an average day, a NAITSA executive could be representing the student body in meetings with NAIT administration, lobbying the government for improved transit or funding for NAIT students, networking with other student leaders at a conference, talking to bands and other performers for one of our many campus events, meeting with NAIT students, or fulfilling any number of other exciting tasks.

If elected you will receive a competitive salary with benefits, education paid for and a laptop and cell phone during your elected tenure. You will also have the opportunity to travel the country for conferences and events; all while you network, build your skill set, and most importantly, have fun.

NAITSA Executives 2019-20



VP Academic

VP External

VP Student Services