Statement from NAITSA Regarding Fall Transit for Students

This fall, most post-secondary students are taking their classes online. As a result, the U-Pass program has been suspended. However, many students still rely on transit and some students will still have to come to campus. Yesterday Edmonton City Council voted in favour of 2 proposals by Edmonton Transit. The first is to extend the low-income Ride Transit program to post-secondary students this fall. The second is to allow students over the age of 24 to purchase the less expensive $72 Youth Pass rather than the $97 Adult Pass starting in September. This is a very positive development for NAIT students. The Ride Transit program is income based and if the student’s income is less than $29,069 they will qualify for a transit program that is actually less expensive than U-Pass. If their income is between $29,070 and $33,033 the program is at almost the same price as U-Pass. Students in Edmonton can get information on this program on ETS’s website at:

NAITSA stresses that these are temporary measures and are in no way meant to replace the U-Pass program. However, during the pandemic, they will provide much needed financial relief to students who still rely on transit for transportation.

The NAIT Students’ Association would like to thank ETS and City Council for their continued support of and partnership with metro Edmonton’s post-secondary students as we work to increase ridership.