Changes to NAITSA fees

In Fall 2014 semester, NAIT unveiled a New Academic Model that offered flexibility and a holistic environment across campus. Under the new model, all students enrolled in credit programming will receive NAITSA benefits and services; fees will be assessed based on course credits and delivery method.

We now assess our fees per credit:

  • A full time student (taking 9 credits or more) will be assessed $126.00 per semester
  • A part time student (taking less than 9 credits) will be assessed $14 per credit Example: If you are enrolled in two 3 credit courses in class you would pay 6 credits x $13.70 = $82.20
  • Online and distance courses will be assessed $3.50 per credit. Example: If you are enrolled in a 3 credit course online you would pay 3 credits x $3.33 = $9.99


U-Pass and Health & Dental Benefits

The NAIT Students’ Association offers two mandatory programs to all students. An extended Health & Dental program and Universal Transit Pass (U-PASS) that offers students access to transit in Edmonton, Strathcona County, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc, and Spruce Grove.

  • U-Pass (per fall and winter semester) is $170
  • Health Plan fee: $126 per academic year and is charged in two payments of $63.00 per fall and winter semester
  • Dental Plan fee: $138 per academic year and is charged in two payments of $69.00 per fall and winter semester
  • U-Pass and Health & Dental Benefits are not offered to students enrolled in Spring or Summer classes.

Part time students will now be assessed our Health & Dental and U-PASS programs.


Health & Dental coverage opt out

If you have existing Health & Dental coverage you can opt out in E-131 or online by:

  • September 28, 2018 @ 4:00pm for Fall 2018 intake
  • January 25, 2019 @ 4:00pm for Winter 2019 intake

Where are your student fees going?

2018-2019 Student – Approved Budget

General administration*3,588,7981,263,0812,325,717
Meetings, development and training-78,275(78,275)
Governance and awards5,00077,960(72,960)
Conferences and affiliations-104,125(104,125)
Discretionary funds-35,500(35,500)
Food and beverage operations787,724846,205(58,481)
Campus life activities-516,223(516,223)
Games room3,0001,2001,800
Student benefits1,909,4001,913,884(4,484)
Clubs Centre-416,280(416,280)

*Includes student fees.

Student Fee Structure

Credit Students

Per semester max$126.00
Per credit (on campus courses)$14.00
Per credit (online/distance courses)$3.50
U-Pass (per fall/winter semester)$170.00
Health and dental (per fall/winter semester)$132.00

Apprenticeship Programs

4 weeks$33.88
5 weeks$41.88
6 weeks$50.88
7 weeks$58.88
8 weeks$67.88
10 weeks$84.88
12 weeks$100.88

Expected Transfers

Building fund$506,891
Shared space fund$67,585
Student health and dental fund*($4,484)
Operating reserve fund($137,383)