NAITSA Fees - 2020/2021

The Post-secondary Learning Act of Alberta (S.95,2(e)) mandates the levying of fees on students’ association members. NAITSA budgets annually to use this revenue to provide programs, events, club administration, services, publications, engagement and advocacy for the benefit of its membership. We’ve been known to give away free food every now and then too.

NAITSA membership consists of all NAIT students, other than those enrolled exclusively in non-credit courses or are auditing programs at NAIT. All fees are mandatory unless otherwise indicated.

NAITSA has two types of fees: Membership and Program Fees.

Membership Fees

(COVID-19 Note: NAITSA is temporarily reducing Membership Fees for the Fall 2020 Term as it adapts to serve members under public orders and guidance from Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer and the Public Health Authority of Canada. These fees are subject to change as pandemic conditions change on-campus and with course delivery methods.)

Credit Students

 Fall '20Winter '21Spring '21Summer '21
Full & Part-Time - Per Credit Fee$8.90$14.55$14.55$14.55
Exclusively Online Students - Per Credit Fee$8.90$8.90$8.90$8.90
Maximum Fee Per Term$79.90$131.00$131.00$131.00

Apprenticeship Students

(Apprenticeship students pay a rate pro-rated to a 15-week term)

 Fall '20Winter '21Spring '21Summer '21
4 week rate$21.88$34.88$34.88n/a
5 week rate$26.88$43.88$43.88n/a
6 week rate$31.88$52.88$52.88n/a
7 week rate$37.88$60.88$60.88n/a
8 week rate$42.88$69.88$69.88n/a
10 week rate$53.88$87.88$87.88n/a
12 week rate$63.88$104.88$104.88n/a

If you have questions about your Membership Fees during COVID-19, please contact

Program Fees

NAITSA administers two mandatory programs that were brought into effect by student referenda: Student Benefit Plans and the Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass) .

The Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass) offers students access to transit in Edmonton, Strathcona County, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc, Beaumont, and Spruce Grove.

Assessment of these fees are mandatory, but there are some exemptions and some students may be eligible to opt-out if they meet certain criteria.


Credit Students – Both Program Fees are assessed to full and part-time students enrolled in at least one credit course as recognized by the Alberta Government.

Exclusively Online Students – Certain courses at NAIT are designed to be delivered online, remotely, or in a clinical setting, and students enrolled exclusively in these courses are only assessed the Student Benefit fees. The U-Pass is a program intended only for students who travel to campus either on a full- or part-time basis, so EO students have been exempted from it. (Note: Programs adjusted temporarily by NAIT for online, remote, or blended delivery due to COVID-19 are not considered EO for the purposes herein.)

Apprenticeship Students – Neither the U-Pass nor the Student Benefits are assessed to students enrolled in an apprenticeship program. These trades programs are condensed (4-12 weeks only) and their timeframes do not align with the timeframes of the Student Benefit Plans (6 months) or the U-Pass (4 months.) These students are exempt from both Program Fees.

Non-credit & Auditing Students – NAITSA does not charge any fees to these students as the Post-secondary Learning Act does mandate them as members of the students’ association.

Opting Out of Program Fees

Some students who are assessed the mandatory Program Fees may be eligible to opt-out of one or both programs (U-Pass, Student Benefits.) They may do so by submitting proof of their eligibility, and their opt-out request, to NAITSA prior to their opt-out deadline.

Student Benefits Opt-out Criteria – Students with existing comparable health and/or dental coverage (e.g. parents’ coverage, coverage through a current employer, etc.)

U-Pass Opt-out Criteria – CNIB cardholders, employees of NAIT or ETS, and students on practicum located outside the U-Pass service area for 8 weeks or more. (Additionally, NAIT students who may also be enrolled at another Edmonton post-secondary participating in the U-Pass program is not required to pay for U-Pass at both schools. Contact NAITSA for assistance if you are in this situation, but you must do so prior to the opt-out deadline.)

U-Pass & Student (Health & Dental) Benefits Fees

  • Negotiations are currently underway between NAITSA and the local transit authorities to suspend the U-Pass for the Fall 2020 Term.
  • U-Pass and Health & Dental Benefits are not offered to students enrolled in Spring or Summer classes.


 Fall '20Winter '21Spring '21Summer '21

Student Benefits

 Fall '20Winter '21Spring '21Summer '21
Medical Fee$59.00$59.00n/an/a
Dental Fee$65.00$65.00n/an/a