We’re overwhelmed by the amount of NAITCanDonate ballots we’re seeing on the walls around campus, and we are proud to see NAIT students and staff coming together to help other students. That being said, our Food Centre always gets hit hardest in the months after the winter break, and we are now in need of immediate non-perishable food donations while we wait for the food orders your generous cash donations will provide us with.

If you can help, drop off your donations at the NAITSA office in Room O-108.

Some of our most urgently needed items are:

Meat & Alternatives:
-Peanut Butter (natural peanut butter is great too!)
-Pulses (aka chickpeas, lentils, dried peas/beans)
– Canned poultry (chicken and turkey)

Fruits & Vegetables:
-Canned vegetables of any variety
-Canned fruits of any variety

-Rice products
-Gluten-free products

-Vegetarian Soups (no beef or chicken stock)

-Snack products (granola bars, applesauce, etc)