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Kaedee Fythe Torrino

EC President

Hello everyone! 
I am beyond excited and honored to serve for the Academic Year 2022-2023 for NAIT Students! 
First of all, I appreciate every NAIT Students for your trust and confidence to elect me for NAITSA Executive Council, President. I’m grateful to have you all! 
I’m Kaedee Fythe Torrino, your NAITSA President, Student Executive. I’m currently enrolled as a 4th year student at NAIT JR Shaw School of business fulfilling my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (BBA) in Finance and Human Resource Management. I have passion as an Academic Tutor for Level One Business Courses at NAIT. Most of the tutoring demands I receive from students are in Accounting, Finance and Economics where I make it visually colorful for students learning with me. Since my first semester in Fall 2019, I learn and grow from NAIT Mawji Centre for New Venture and Student Entrepreneurship where I have built skills to connect, built my LinkedIn profile like an online resume as a professional social media, and gained confidence to meet and greet people in various industries through the networking events. 

This is my shameless and strong invitation for NAIT students to:  

  • Maximize the learning resources at NAIT and NAITSA 
  • Get involved with student opportunities on campus 
  • Enjoy and have fun with Events to register Ookslife.ca  
  • Stay connected on social media (Instagram: @naitstudents and @ookslife) 
  • Join or Create Student Clubs and get the support you need from NAITSA 

Now I’m serving as NAITSA President, there are 5 major highlights that I am held accountable with: 

  • NAIT Student Body Representation: I lead by authentic leadership with empathy and compassion by pointing the resources that is valuable and relevant. I advocate on behalf of NAIT students together with my EC team in meetings and any representation.  
  • NAITSA Executive Council Team Leader: I highly engage in collaborative work environment, and I aspire to support for the EC team’s goals and priorities for students.  
  • NAITSA Senate Board Accountability: I served as NAITSA Senator in Fall 2020 until Winter 2021 and received an award for Becky Kallal Golden Gavel Award for Excellence in Student Governance. The whole experience was held virtual as it was the peak of the Pandemic.  
  • NAITSA as a Not-for-Profit Organization: I served as NAIT Board of Governors – Student-at-large Representative in the Industry Partnership and External Relations Committee in Fall 2021 until Spring 2022. Both experience as NAITSA Senator and NAIT Board of Governors gave me a quality experience as the overlooking sight of the strategic decisions for Not-for-profit organizations.  
  • NAIT Student Involvement and Consultation according to the Alberta Tuition Framework: Tuition and other fees directly affect every NAIT domestic and international students. Should any proposals for changes in Tuition fees and other fees (such as Mandatory Non-Instructional Fees), I ensure efficient student consultation with my Executive Council team and within my fiduciary duty as a Student Executive, NAITSA President. Should you be interested to learn more about the Alberta Tuition Framework, learn more here.  Alternatively, visit https://open.alberta.ca/publications/alberta-tuition-framework-version-2-1  December 1, 2021 update 

Given all these things mentioned, I look forward for you to visit our NAITSA Office at Room O108 (between the South and North Lobby) during our office hours. Reach me through my email for NAIT student concerns and questions at sapresident@nait.ca or message me in Microsoft Teams Message or Phone Call at 780.471.7608 through your smartphones (Kindly make sure to Log-in with your NAIT Student Email Credentials when you use the MS Teams Mobile App or Desktop App). 

Should you interact with me, in-person or virtual, I trust that you stay kind, polite and mindful regardless of the level of student frustration you may have. I believe we can have discussions about things efficiently with a mindful heart and a kind mindset. 
I’m excited to see everyone on campus or meet virtually in any possible way.