What is myWellness?

What is myWellness?

The NAIT Students’ Association is pleased to provide a new mental health and wellness resource focused on students. 1 in 5 students suffer from symptoms relating to mental illness. We want to help. This service highlights resources and information on-campus, in the community, and online. It gives you access to FeelingBetterNow®, a tool designed for students to help identify if they are at diagnostic risk for mental illness and provides access to support.

The College of Family Physicians of Canada has reviewed and approved FeelingBetterNow® as a practice management tool available to assist family physicians in patient care. Regardless of your academic status (full time, part time, opted out etc.) this resource is available to all NAIT students.

myWellness Stress Test Card

Come pick up your myWellness stress test card at the NAITSA office (e131). When you are stressed, your body restricts blood flow to your extremities, causing your hands and fingers to become cold. This card provides a simple measurement that you can use to practice hand warming and reduce stress.

Free Online Mental Health Assessment

Take your free, anonymous mental health assessment online at http://mywellnessplan.ca

You can maintain a productive and positive lifestyle while completing your studies.

  • A comprehensive list of wellness resources on campus, in the community and online.
  • A personalized action plan that you can take to your counsellor or doctor that helps you put words to your feelings.
  • An extensive toolbox that has wide variety of games, apps, and valuable information to help you along the way.

Stress Reduction:
Stress Management (exercise/breathing techniques), Stress Reduction Apps, Workbooks, Helpful Websites

Helping Yourself:
Games, apps, books, articles, self-guided online therapy

Helping Others:
Overview, Symptoms of Mental Illness, How to Approach someone, Offering Your Support, What Doesn’t Help, Seeking Professional Help, If Someone Refuses Help, What If They’re Considering Self-Harm?, Courses in Mental Health First Aid

Care Providers and Therapies:
This is the “Who does what?”, and explains the possible treatments

Mental Health Problems:
A breakdown and description of every outcome

Mental Health Essentials:
Mental Health By The Numbers, The Importance of Addressing Issues, Good Stress and Bad Stress, Symptoms of Stress, Why People Don’t Seek Help

myWellness Tips for a Healthier Life


No matter how busy you may be, your mental health needs to be a priority.