March 23, 2017 – Edmonton

The NAIT Students’ Association is sounding the alarm on an almost 25% increase in tuition on international students starting in the spring, including those who have already been accepted at NAIT and those who are doing academic upgrading prior to entering their program. International students will now pay the domestic rate plus 3.15 times that rate.

“We were told that students who were already accepted to NAIT would not be affected by the increase”, said NAITSA President John Perozok. “We were led to believe that only new students would be charged this new, excessive increase.”

“We expect NAIT to follow through on their promises and charge students the rates that they have advertised. We don’t think that it is consistent with NAIT’s values to advertise one rate and then charge a student another after they have already been accepted.” said Katie Spencer, NAITSA’s Vice-President External.

“International students come to Alberta looking for a better future. Those students most often stay here and contribute to the economy. They deserve to be treated fairly,” said Doris Car, NAITSA’s Vice-President Academic. “Our economy needs international students. The international tuition surcharge should be regulated by the Post-Secondary Learning Act to ensure predictability.”

For more information call:

Jason Roth
Director of Advocacy