NAITSA has received inquiries regarding our position on NAIT’s recently announced vaccine mandate. The Students’ Association encourages members to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Not just to protect themselves, their friends and family, fellow students, but also the community we live and work in. Vaccines are a vital tool for getting through this pandemic and we support NAIT’s policy requiring students to be vaccinated by November 8th.

NAIT is a polytechnic institution that graduates immeasurable and essential talent into the Alberta economy, including the health care system. The COVID-19 vaccines have been demonstrated to be safe and effective globally by large-scale scientific studies, and will help prevent the overextension of the health care system our past members are struggling in right now.

NAITSA’s position is that any risk associated with these vaccines is outweighed by the benefit to the student body and the NAIT community. We know there are students who do not want their vaccine; for whatever reason. We also know there are vulnerable students, immunocompromised students, who require the spaces they learn and study in to be safe.

NAIT is a safe place. We don’t agree with every decision NAIT makes, but when it comes to the health & safety of our community they have consistently prioritized the well-being of every person on our campus above all else. Students should expect nothing less.

For members who cannot receive a COVID-19 vaccine due to an existing medical condition or another protected ground under the Alberta Human Rights Act, we encourage them to contact NAIT and apply for an accommodation. Information on how to apply will be on the student COVID-19 information page of the NAIT website.

NAIT has also extended its deadline to drop courses to Friday, September 24th. Members who wish to withdraw should take advantage of this extension before the new deadline.

Part of our provincially-mandated mission at NAITSA is to ‘provide for the promotion of the general welfare of the students consistent with the purposes’ of NAIT. We believe we are adhering to this mandate and look forward to our members soon returning to the exciting, engaging on-campus experience they want and that NAITSA strives to provide.

For more information contact NAITSA President, Jerilyn Kotelniski, at