Poster Board Supervisor

What is a Poster Board Supervisor?

The NAIT Students’ Association needs to communicate with the campus community and, believe it or not, posters are still the most popular way to deliver important information to students and staff. That is where the Poster Board Supervisor comes in.

NAITSA is looking for an über-reliable student to take on this responsibility next year (August 2017 through April 2018.) If you’re looking for an on-campus part-time job (about 4-5 hours per week) this opportunity might just be for you!

There is one Poster Board Supervisor position available for the 2017-2018 NAIT academic year.

If you’re interested in this role, here are five key areas where you will need to focus your attention:

  Reliable – It’s critical that you be someone our communications department can count on.

  Attentive to Detail – You should be able to assess whether posters are expired, out of place, or not approved and take them down.

  Focused – You should have the ability to prioritize multiple demands for yourself and others.

  Organized – Good time management and organizational skills are a big asset in this role.

  Physically fit – With over 100 boards on campus there is a lot of steps required every week, so you should be able to walk long distances comfortably (or be committed to building up to it!)

The role allows some flexibility in scheduling as NAITSA is sometimes able to work around student employee class schedules.

What Makes This The Perfect Job For You?

Some of the benefits of the job include…

  Good exercise (if you’re a step-counter, this is a great gig)
  Being the first to find out about advertised events
  Earning money without having to leave campus
  Strengthen your resume for the future (employers love graduates who were involved while they attended school.)

Position Description

The Poster Board Supervisor is responsible for maintaining the tidiness of NAITSA’s Poster Boards, and putting up and taking down posters weekly. The Supervisor remains familiar with NAITSA’s Poster Policy and removes expired items and postings in violation. The successful candidate may also need to move some postings around to keep the boards looking tidy and presentable.


  Enrolled as a NAIT student in good standing for the entire 2017-2018 academic year
  Reliable, attentive to detail, focused, organized and physically fit.


Work hours for this position will be worked around the successful candidate’s academic schedule.

The posting for the 2017-2018 Poster Board Supervisor position will be open until a suitable candidate is found, but we hope to find someone by the middle of May 2017. We appreciate all applications for employment to the Students’ Association but only those applicants chosen for an interview will be contacted.

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