Since 1964 our mission is to enhance the NAIT student experience.

Our mission is to enhance the NAIT student experience by advocating for their rights, representing their voice, creating a culture of engagement and leadership, while providing student-driven services. We offer a wide variety to choose from including events and activities for your entertainment; academic questions and aid; facilities to study and party; and living and health support.


Our clubs provide valuable social, cultural, and educational services that encourage you, as a NAIT student, to participate and connect in the NAIT experience.


Health & Dental Plan

We provide health and dental coverage to over 6,400 students each year, and it’s our duty to assist you in completing all proper documentation, and to answer all your questions.



NAITSA is part of a large buying group of post-secondary schools, which allows us to offer discounted transit access to students!



NAIT Students’ Association provides students with 102 microwaves across NAIT campuses paid for by your NAITSA student fee. Find the one closest to you!


More than 50 years enhancing the NAIT student experience


Students voted YES to keep U-Pass

Members engaged with Student Government

Microwaves available for students on main campus alone

Food hampers distributed to students in 2018-19

What’s happening at NAITSA