Senate Candidates

Business & Administration
Syed Ahmed

My name is Syed Ahmed, and I am running for the Senate of the Business Administration program. I am specializing in management, since working as a team with people and getting things done together is my passion. I am self-motivated, have a positive outlook, learn skills that add value to what I do, and I stay connected with people. Always open to all opinions and comments that students have, as a Senator I will make sure that what you say has an important impact on the Student Council’s decisions. All the best, and I’ll see you all on the campaign trail!

Business & Administration
Alex Kagel

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Business & Administration
Juan Ramirez

Juan is the Juan man that the NAITSA Senate needs. Student involvement is key in this regard as this would lead to more opportunities for clubs and campus activities. This is for the betterment of the student body as a whole. With qualities such as Leadership skills, diligence, and an enthusiastic persona, Juan will aim to make this goal a reality. Juan is open to questions, and a couple of suggestions, on concerns for Senate related issues. Vote 4 1 and 1 4 Senate!

Business & Administration
Willow Shelley

I am WILLOW, and I am here for YOU. I want to educate you on why you should care about Student Senate Elections andwhat I as your Student Senate Representative will do for you.

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? As a student body we pay between 5 and 6 Million dollars annually towards our NAITSA fees. I am here to make sure that money is used with your best interest in mind.

WHAT WILL I DO FOR YOU? Student Senate represents you. I can bring your on campus concerns, issues & suggestions to Senate. I will make sure they are heard and addressed. With an Honors Accounting Diploma I have the knowledge to hold our NAITSA Student Council accountable to their objectives and our budget. As a previous CMA/CGA Case competitor for NAIT I have an in-depth working knowledge of corporate governance. With experience on the Canadian Blood Services Youth Executive I understand policies, procedures & their significance. Lastly, as a fellow BBA Management student I have the desire to lead, educate & inspire you to be part of our campus.

HOW CAN YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE ON CAMPUS? Vote. Vote for two representatives.

Juan Ramirez

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James Joseph

Hello, I am James Joseph, a Digital Media and IT student and a candidate for the upcoming 2017 Senate election. My goal is to represent students honestly and fairly. I wish to become the voice of the students in the Information Technology and Electronics program. Being a senator, will present me with an opportunity to address student concerns and also improve their NAIT experience. As a senior campus ambassador, I have been involved with and contributed to a variety of events like New Student Orientations, Open House and Program Previews. I have also facilitated tours and shared my positive personal experiences with prospective and current students. My involvement with the NAIT community has increased my knowledge of
campus life and the different facets and opportunities available here. As a member of I will be involved with promoting positive mental health. If elected, I will try and make NAIT an even better place than it already is and I will ensure that you have a memorable year. I am always open to your ideas and I believe that together we can bring about change.

Francesca Macasinag

My name is Francesca Macasinag and I am running for the NAITSA Senate to represent the Information Technology and Electronics program group. Even as a first-year student of the Digital Media and IT program, I am already involved in the NAIT community as the VP for Operations of the DMIT Student Association. I have organized programming workshops for students in the spring term as part of that club since there were no supplemental classes offered during that term. We saw the need to have extra support for students taking their programming fundamentals class. I believe this is an example that shows my concern for student affairs and willingness to devote time and effort for it.
I moved to Canada four years ago from a developing country, and living here has made me see the difference that efficient governance can make in everyone’s lives. This is why I want to become part of the NAIT Student Senate. Being here has inspired me to learn, give back, and use the best of my abilities to make the most impact with the resources available to me. Please help me with this goal and vote for me on October 5-11!

Nikki McKenna

Hello NAIT! My name is Nikki and I want to be your voice on campus, at least, for those of you in Information Technology & Electronics.

Short bio about myself: I’ve been at NAIT for five years now between two different programs, currently in my final year of Digital Media & IT, I work part-time as a server, and live north east of the city. So, I understand how hard the balance between school, work, long commutes, and having a social life can be.

As your senator I want to make sure your voice is heard. I understand how hard it can be to go through and feel like you have no power because you’re just one student in a school full of thousands, but you shouldn’t feel that way. If there’s an issue you feel needs to be addressed, feel free to come up to me and talk about it, and I will find out what/if we can do anything about it. So from October 5 to 11, get out and vote for your student representatives

Nikita Nugent

Who am I? I’m Nikita, a third-semester student in the Mechanical Engineering and Technology program, and VP Finance forMECSA. There’s a good chance you’ve seen the girl with the long curly red hair roaming the halls or the computer labs—that’s me! If we haven’t been introduced yet, why not say hi?

Why vote for me? Ask any of my classmates, and they’ll agree: I’m just as concerned with helping all of them through theprogram as I am with getting through myself. It’s a tough program, and the first year taught all of us that the group that helpseach other helps themselves. That’s why I’m always happy to help anyone with their problems, whether it’s coursework orotherwise. Electing me to Senate will help me be more able to help my fellow students, which is all I want.

If you have any specific questions or concerns, please come talk to me. I’d be happy to talk to you.

Kieran O’Hagan

Hello, I am Kieran O’Hagan. As a first year in the Materials Engineering Technology program, I am beginning to settle in and enjoy my time here. Every day, I am making memories and new friends that will last a lifetime. I believe in NAIT as an Institution, I also believe that the students should be heard and the NAITSA executive team be held accountable for their actions. For these reasons, I would like to be the voice of the students in the Building Construction and Design Department on the NAITSA Student Senate. I look forward to interacting with my fellow students, listening and voicing your concerns on matters that are important to you, the student-body. When we meet in the hall, offer up a crisp high five, I pormise I won’t leave you hanging! I believe we can make a better NAIT by working together!

Randy Seccafien

This fall, you will have a chance to elect someone who cares about your interests, no matter where you have classes in NAIT. I am a second year student in the mechanical engineering technology program running to represent the Building Construction and Design program group. I value financial responsibility, community participation, and high standards of transparency and communication within our governing body. I believe in pursuit of building a new “heart”, NAIT has forgotten the outstretched limbs that make it a whole and should do better to make all programs feel welcome here. As a working student, I have firsthand experience of how important budgeting time and money can be to achieve balance and will apply those skills as your senator. Outside of NAIT, I also volunteer at Edmonton’s maker space, Big Brothers Big Sisters, various music festivals in Edmonton, and the Mechanical Engineering Students Association, within my own program. I am a maker, a mentor, a volunteer, a student, a hard worker, and with your support, your next representative in senate. Feel free to reach out to me with your thoughts, questions or concerns regarding my campaign or an issue the affects you at Thank you.

Muhammad Fayyaz

Dear Friends,
This senate election (2017-18) presents us all with a clear choice. It is a choice between continuing things the way they have always been done or electing leaders who can bring fresh ideas. I believe the future depends on our ability to work together. If you elect me as your senator, I vow to lead with openness and honesty. I will welcome all constructive suggestions for making our school better.

I’m willing to work hard every day to earn your trust. My cross-cultural exposure blend my eastern background with the professional career of 3 years abroad and 1 year in Canada. This unique mix of experience has given me the confidence and skills to be an effective leader of the increasingly global NAITSA.

Chris Crevier

Hi, I’m Chris Crevier, part of the Alternative Energy Technology program. You may have seen me walking around the halls of the main building. Being a giant, 6’7-ish, large set man, I’m kind of hard to miss. I feel like I would make a good fit for the

NAITSA Senate because I take the concerns of my peers seriously, having experienced many kinds of issues during my two years at NAIT. I have a lot of experience volunteering for diverse communities and non-profit organizations and am driven by offering my time and being useful to people in need, whether it be something physical that needs to be done or engaging with people in the community. I pride myself on being honest and having upstanding moral ethics.

I’m one of those quiet, stoic, analytical types, who can put a lot of thought and consideration into problems and ideas brought toward me while thinking critically and putting the needs of my peers first. I will do my best to keep my ear to the ground and address all student concerns that cross my path.

Hassan Memon

Chemical Engineering Technology Club. I am running for a spot as one of the Senate’s on Environmental & Natural Resources Management. During the time of October 5-11, you will be put in a position to make a tough choice on which candidate you trust to represent you. We all pay a big tuition amount every year and I am sure all of us would like to be represented by someone that values honesty and listening to his peers about reoccurring issues in the daily life of every student. I believe that my personality will fit perfectly with just that. I am here to speak on the behalf of how our money could be best spent so that we favor the students more than we favor the school. I want to make it so every student can say truthfully, “NAIT cares about me”. Together we can achieve great things, and I will work every day to gain more of your trust. I humbly ask that you make the right choice this election year.

Claire Seo

Dear fellow NAIT students,
I’ve always wondered what I can do best that would be beneficial to others. My name is Claire Seo and I’m running for Senate here at NAIT.

Senate is the “governing body” for your school. Senate will ensure your money is well spent, decisions are clear, and your perspective is well taken. To be in a senate, you need to be a risk-taker, know how to get out from your own comfort zone. After I took my journey to leave South Korea and move to Canada, I gained valuable experience that I am not afraid of taking risks. I won’t hesitate to ask questions, listen, and will take on challenges to ensure your school is going to the right direction.
As for work experience, I was a former political staffer in Ottawa as a parliamentary intern. I have first hand experience with federal politics, gained scope in public service, and have clear understanding of how committees work. My success as a parliamentary intern will help to perform senate duties, which in turn affects your decisions and success at NAIT.

It’d be my honour to serve you as Senate and be part of your success. Thank you.

Anna Singkhone Haggerty

Greetings fellow Students and readers!! I’m Anna Singkhone Haggerty, a 1st year Medical Radiologic Technology Student. I hope I can get your support and have the opportunity to represent Health Sciences with integrity, responsibility, professionalism and accountability. Having spent over a decade in the financial services industry in the capacity of advisor and in administration, I have earned the trust and respect of clients, peers, and managers. I’ve built up a reputation that exudes a high degree of
competence, honesty, trustworthiness, and professionalism. I am very personable, passionate, and approachable and enjoy listening to people’s ideas and viewpoints. I am not afraid of change, if needed, and embrace change as an opportunity. I believe in standing up for diversity. Being born in Laos and still practicing my mother tongue along with some customs and traditions, I understand the importance in standing up for differences and inequalities for the greater good of people. I am happy to work hard to get things done and hope you offer me the chance in making student life safer and better for you. I hope to meet you and hope you VOTE YES for me as your Student Senate Representative for Health Sciences. Thank you!!

Terra Hovde

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Amber Bernard

My name is Amber Bernard, I’m currently in my first year of the Radio and Television program. I am running for student Senate, and I hope to be your next Media and Design representative. This is such an exciting opportunity, and I want to help voice any concerns or questions you might have. I am a dedicated, reliable and an attentive person; with these qualities I can effectively help influence positive change. It’s important to me that every Media and Design student has a meaningful and fun experience here at NAIT. Remember to vote YES during elections, thank you!

Isabelle Lumsden

My name is Isabelle Lumsden, I’m in my second semester of the Radio and Television program and I would love to represent you all in our school Senate. I have always been someone who likes to be involved in her community so I would be honoured to be the voice of your needs and concerns. I’m friendly, hardworking and committed to seeing our Media and Design community succeed so a ‘yes’ vote for me won’t be a mistake. Don’t be afraid to stop me in the hallway if you have any questions and don’t forget to vote! Let’s keep NAIT great!

Harleen Kaur

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