VP Academic Oke would like to inform Senators that the NAITSA President has called a special appointment meeting to fill vacant seats on Senate 2019-20 in the program groups of:

Culinary & Hospitality (1 seat)
Health Sciences (2 seats)
Skilled Trades & Apprenticeships (1 seat)

The meeting is called for Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at 4:30pm Room X107

Questions? Please contact the Deputy Returning Officer Emi Oke, savpacademic@nait.ca or visit him in the NAITSA office O108.

Please review the following notation from the bylaws:


6.7.1. Any vacancy that occurs shall be filled as follows: The President, or his/her designate shall call a Special Meeting of the students from the program group for which there is a vacant Senate position, giving no less than ten (10) business days notice of the meeting. The students at the Special Meeting shall accept nominations from the floor and via majority vote, shall appoint a student to fill the vacancy.