Student Academic Rights Advisor

May 23, 2023 | Jobs

Student Rights Academic Advisor – NAIT Students’ Association

As the Student Academic Rights Advisor, you work with students at NAIT to promote fairness and ensure they understand their rights and responsibilities as members of the academic community. The Student Academic Rights Advisor works as a supportive resource to NAITSA’s Vice President Academic in their advocacy efforts and provides guidance and support to students regarding their rights and obligations under NAIT’s academic regulations, policies, and procedures. This individual will utilize their institutional knowledge to provide operational support to students who are seeking direct support or to understand their rights and responsibilities when facing academic challenges.

The Student Academic Rights Advisor will also possess an understanding of the complexities of immigration regulations and enrolment requirements, and be able to effectively support international students by referring them to the appropriate department and/or community resources.


The specific responsibilities of this position include, but may not be limited to, the following:

Support and refer students:

  • Provide confidential, non-partisan support and guidance to students with academic-related grievances or those seeking assistance in navigating their academic issue(s).
  • Develop an understanding of students’ issues and be able to identify and interpret relevant institutional policy, procedure, regulation, and/or related documents.
  • Support students in their understanding of the application and interpretation of NAIT academic policies, procedures, practices, and regulations.
  • Refer students to other departments, services, or community resources as necessary.
  • Maintain a safe and receptive environment for students seeking academic support or guidance.
  • Act as a confidential support to students seeking guidance regarding their academic challenges. This support may include attending review meetings and/or hearings with the student at their request.
  • Assist students with the process of submitting a formal complaint, and provide support in referring to external counsel as necessary.

Provide operational support for the portfolio of NAITSA’s VP Academic:

  • Act as a knowledgeable resource on academic policies, procedures, and practices to effectively support students who come to NAITSA with general academic inquiries or complaints.
  • Attend Policy Committee meetings with VP Academic upon request.
  • Act as a sitting member at Academic Progression Appeals Procedure meetings with VP Academic upon request.
  • Play an active role in annual VP Academic transition and training by sharing expert knowledge on the institution’s academic policies and procedures.

Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders:

  • Foster positive working relationships with NAIT and NAITSA departments to ensure that students have access to the resources and support they need to succeed academically.
  • Collaborate with the NAIT Student Resolution Office (SRO) regarding specific student cases; refer students to the SRO as necessary.
  • Provide general support to NAITSA staff, Executive Council, and students in their understanding of immigration rules and their impact on international students’ enrolment, but does not provide direct immigration consultation.
  • Refer international students to the appropriate departments, for example, the International & Intercultural Community Centre (IICC) and/or external resources as necessary.

Report updates to the Executive Council on pertinent issues and information:

  • Produce quarterly update reports for Executive Council.
  • Evaluates trends in student-reported issues and provides regular updates to VP Academic and/or Executive Council as required.

Embrace continuous learning and development:

  • Maintain up-to-date and historical information of academic policies, procedures, and regulations.
  • Conduct an annual review (at a minimum) of related NAIT policies and procedures including, but not limited to, the Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy and other related documents.
  • Take a proactive approach to student support by maintaining up-to-date knowledge on academic policies, procedures and practices, anticipating challenges, reporting on trends, and relaying information to VP Academic as necessary.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of immigration rules and regulations to effectively support international students facing academic challenges

Qualifications / Required Skills / Considerations:

  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognized post-secondary institution, preferably in a relevant field. Equivalent work experience may be considered.
  • Two (2) or more years’ related work experience is required in a post-secondary or related environment.
  • Certification and/or demonstrated experience in restorative conflict resolution practices, mediation, and negotiation.
  • Demonstrated understanding of equity, diversity, and inclusion principles. You have a comprehensive understanding of EDI key concepts in an educational setting and effectively promote strategies for fostering an inclusive and equitable environment.
  • Ability to navigate complex post-secondary systems.
  • Recent knowledge of NAIT’s academic policies, procedures, and regulations is a strong asset.
  • Relevant knowledge of another post-secondary institution’s academic policies, procedures, and regulations would be considered equivalent.
  • Previous work experience supporting international students and/or the ability to demonstrate your knowledge of immigration rules and regulations as they apply to students.
  • Strong understanding of working and collaborating in an academic environment and knowledgeable on post-secondary governance.
  • Proficient in research, policy analysis, and analytical reasoning.
  • Demonstrated capability to apply critical-thinking skills.
  • Ability to exercise discretion and respond with tact and empathy.
  • Working knowledge of FOIP and/or PIPA legislation.
  • Training and/or work experience in responding to and referring students at risk. Mental Health First Aid or relevant certification is considered an asset.
  • References and Security Clearance: Employment in this position is conditional upon successful completion of references and a Canadian Criminal Record Background check.

In your first 90 days, you will be expected to…

  • Familiarize yourself with academic policies, procedures and regulations: Spend time thoroughly understanding and familiarizing yourself with the institution’s academic policies, procedures, and related documents. This knowledge will serve as the foundation for your role in providing guidance and support to students regarding their rights and responsibilities.
  • Build relationships: Actively engage with various departments, staff, and administrators to build relationships and establish a network of stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with NAITSA’s Vice President Academic: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the VP Academic’s portfolio. Familiarize yourself with their responsibilities and priorities to ensure alignment in the support being provided to students. Act as a trusted advisor, offering expertise and guidance regarding academic policies, procedures, and restorative conflict resolution best practices.
  • Get involved on campus: Immerse yourself in the campus community by actively engaging with stakeholders, promoting awareness of academic rights advising, and staying connected with the pulse of the community to establish yourself as a valuable resource for students.

Your focus will be on building a strong foundation for your role as an advisor of academic rights and responsibilities. By familiarizing yourself with policies, forging relationships, collaborating, and actively participating in campus life, you will lay the groundwork for your continued success in promoting fairness and supporting students.

What we offer:

  • Full-time, permanent role, 37.5 hours per week
  • Paid time off package that includes vacation, personal days, 3 summer Fridays, Fall Break, and two-weeks off at the end of December
  • Full benefits after 3 months including Health, Dental, Vision & Drug, Healthcare Spending Account, and Personal Wellness Spending Account
  • Employer RRSP matching program
  • Paid parking or transit
  • Fun staff events and the opportunity to work on a fun and vibrant post-secondary campus
  • Please be aware that the NAITSA office is pet-friendly with dogs certified through MacEwan’s Pets Assisting with Student Success (PAWSS) program

NAITSA is an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to diversity, equity, inclusion. To ensure our recruitment efforts also reflect that, we wish to remind candidates that accommodations are available upon request at any stage of the selection process. Please let us know by contacting

How to apply:

If you are interested in this opportunity please apply by completing this online application, and uploading PDF versions of your resume and cover letter addressed to: Leeanne Mills, Administration Director. Let us know in a few sentences what interests you about this role and be sure to highlight your relevant experience/qualifications.

You can expect a confirmation email once we have received your application. We appreciate all applications for employment, however, only those applicants chosen for an interview will be contacted.

For more information about the NAIT Students’ Association please visit our website at or check out our socials @naitstudents

Closing date: Apply by Thursday, June 1, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.

We look forward to seeing your application!


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