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Fresh, affordable produce

The Gud Box offers fresh produce at your convenience, right on campus. The Gud Box is now available through NAITSA to all the NAIT Community.

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The Güd Box is available for NAIT students, staff and all the NAIT community. This is not another expensive box subscription, the Güd Box is a service built for affordability first with food security and fundraising in mind. You are welcome to order Güd Box fresh produce as often as you would like.

Help NAIT students in need. $5 from each Güd Box you purchase from the NAITSA’s website goes directly to the NAITSA Food Centre to support purchasing food for our hamper clients. Ordering is simple, learn more here.

Did you know you can also donate The Güd Box fresh produce to the NAITSA Food Centre clients? Learn how to donate a Güd Box to a student in need.

Order Cut-off & Pick-up Dates

Deadline to purchase is every Monday before 10am. Pick up every Thursday 12pm – 2pm at the North Lobby.

Please note there will be no Gud Box pick-up available at NAITSA for Thursday, December 15, 22 and 29. The Gud Box will resume in January.


Who can order a Güd box?

Anyone can order a Güd box! Students, staff at NAIT and the general public.

All we ask is that you pick up your box at the NAIT Main Campus during the scheduled pickup window.

How do I order a Güd box?

Click here to order a Güd box.

How much does the Güd box cost?

Each Güd box costs $30.00. 

$5 dollars from each Güd box purchase goes directly to the NAITSA Food Centre to support purchasing food for our student member food hampers.

How often is the Güd box available on NAIT campus for pick-up?

The Güd box is available for pick-up at the NAIT campus twice a month, starting on Friday, October 1, 2021.  Click here to see order cut-off and pick-up dates.

Where do I pick up my Güd box? Where do I go?

The Güd box pick-up happens outside NAIT Central Building doors, east of the North Lobby, on the concrete walkway. 

Keep an eye out for the delivery truck and NAITSA’s sandwich boards during pick-up days to find the right location.

Can I do a group order or buy more than 1 box?

An individual can order as many boxes as they like. 

When an order is picked up, all boxes for that order must be picked up at one time, in a single transaction.

Do I have to subscribe for a period of time or can I just try one box?

The Güd Box is not a box subscription! 

You’re welcome to buy a box whenever and as frequently as you would like to without the hassle of paying for unwanted boxes or cancellations.

Can I donate a box to a NAIT student who is a NAITSA Food Centre user?

YES! Click here to learn how to donate a Güd box to a NAIT student using the NAITSA Food Centre. 

What if I forget or am unable to pick up my pre-ordered Güd Box?

You will have to make arrangements directly with the Güd Box staff to pick your box up at their location in south Edmonton the following Monday.

Please email to make pick-up arrangements if you’re unable to do it on the scheduled date.

Are food items organic?

The Güd Box is not an organic box. Although most of the items are conventional produce, each box contains an average of 35% local and organic items.

Where are the vegetables sourced from?

The Gud Box is a value-based produce box, meaning its main focus is getting as much produce in the box as possible for the price (lower than you can find at the grocery store). As much as The Gud Box strives for local and organic products, the majority of items will be conventional produce. Your box will come filled with produce that is in season, allowing for best-tasting produce at the most affordable price we can find. Therefore, The Gud box cannot be called an organic, local box, but a bountiful box.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

Dietary accommodations are not available. 

Each box comes with a mix of above-ground and below-ground fruits and vegetables.  You can always trade your produce with someone else.

How is the Güd Box supporting the NAITSA Food Centre?

$5 dollars from each Güd Box purchased from NAITSA’s website goes directly to the NAITSA Food Centre to support purchasing food for our hamper clients.

How do I take my vegetables home? Are they really inside a ‘box’?
All food arrives in a refrigerated truck inside a plastic tote packaged in two brown paper bags. Please bring your own bags or a box and cooler packs to take your food home safely. 

Please keep in mind that the Güd Box bags weigh approximately 20 lbs, and cooler packs are not available. Plan your pick-up accordingly.

Can I get a refund if I'm not happy with the purchase? What if produce doesn’t seem as fresh as it should be?

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed by Güd Box.  NAITSA will be able to connect you with Güd Box for the refund process.

If I do not pre-order a Güd box, can I buy one at the truck on delivery day?

No. Due to the fact that the Güd Box contains perishable food, only boxes that are prepaid are shipped on delivery day. NAITSA does not order extra boxes for resale. 

How much food am I getting in my box?

A Güd Box order weighs an average of 20 lbs. Depending on the season and products offered, that amount can vary slightly.