Your NAITSA Executive Council (EC) members have been extremely busy this summer with municipal, provincial, and federal advocacy, internal NAITSA matters, and goal setting for this upcoming year.

So far this summer, the team has attended two conferences together. The first was the Alberta Students’ Executive Council (ASEC) Leadership conference, where your ECs were able to dive deep into issues facing current and future students, such as affordable tuition as well as international student support while considering collaborative solutions. The week was filled with information sessions, Q&A’s with politicians and staff, and the election of ASEC’s new Board of Directors.

Secondly, the team was able to attend the Leader’s Hall conference. They explored themes about leadership and gained knowledge of Gallivan’s student benefits, such as health & dental and online counselling through MyWellness.

In the next couple of paragraphs, we’ll explore what each EC member has been up to!

President Jerilyn Kotelniski

Since it is President Kotelniski’s second term, she participates in the NAIT Policy Committee. Her role is to represent the student voice on NAIT policies that come up for review. Also, she’s been busy with several awards committees, scheduling the new EC team to meet various NAIT departments and external stakeholders, and meeting with mayoral and city council candidates to discuss student issues, such as safe and timely transportation and affordable housing. If you have questions, you can email her at!

Vice President Academic Renata Medeiros

Vice President Academic Renata Medeiros has been working hard settling into her role while preparing to be a student representative on the NAIT’s Board of Governors. During the summer, she participated in the International Centre’s Advisory Committee, suggesting improvements to ensure students have their needs met. One of her goals this year is to make Nimbus a platform more inclusive, working alongside with instructors to get the word out and searching for tutors to register for it. Renata has also been helping all students that come to her with questions and struggles, making sure that they are heard, answered, and have a smooth transition to the new blended learning format. If you have questions, you can email her at!

Vice President Internal Jorgia Moore

As Vice President Internal, Jorgia Moore has been busy this summer preparing for what campus life will look like when we return back to campus! A big priority for her has been to ensure that there is a wide variety of campus activities and resources available that ensure all students are included and their needs are met. By attending the Canadian Organization of Campus Activities Student Life Summit last month, she was able to gain insight into what other schools are planning and plans to bring new initiatives for students to campus in the Fall so stay tuned. If you have questions, you can email her at!

Vice President External Natalie Sarzynski

We’re lucky that our very own VP External, Natalie Sarzynski, was elected to the ASEC board. Congrats Natalie! We know you will represent over 100,000 students across the province with pride and transparency. She has also been working on a “Get Out The Vote” campaign that will make it easier for students to get informed about the upcoming municipal election on October 18! This summer she’ll be developing goals, priorities, and strategies that focus on student issues and over the next year she will be updating you on her progress. If you have questions, you can email her at!

Plus, we can’t forget that in April our senate elected our new Board of Governors student-at-large representative, Kaedee Fythe Torrino. She, along with VPA Medeiros, will officially begin their term in September 2021.

While we are busy with our advocacy work, we are always available to discuss issues that are important to NAIT students. We are interested in your feedback so tell us how we can improve and advocate for you!

Your NAITSA EC team,

President Jerilyn Kotelniski
VP Academic Renata Medeiros
VP External Natalie Sarzynski
VP Internal Jorgia Moore