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Once again we beat last years total food collected on the Halloween Trick or Treat event by 200 pounds! This year on Halloween night volunteers collected 2,400 pounds of food for the NAITSA Food Centre.

We’d like to extend kudos to a few folks who went above and beyond to ensure we were able to pull off this event – Abbey and Erick were the project leads for this initiative and brought some great new ideas to the 2017 version of this event, Rechelle, Katie, Brenda and Calli thanks for giving up your Halloween with friends and family to drive u-hauls, Krista and the CAB members for being Team Leaders that night ensuring we don’t lose students on the streets and to Sherry and Hailey for helping Krista weigh all the food.

Mark your calendars for next year to be a part of the 2018 campaign to help starve off student hunger.

Here’s how stocked the food centre is now. We thank you!