On February 24th, current domestic students received an email from NAIT’s Chief Financial Officer, Jeff Dumont, informing them about NAIT’s new tuition model and increases starting in 2021/2022. These changes were approved by NAIT’s Board of Governors the previous day.

NAITSA has spent the last few weeks expressing serious concerns to both NAIT administrators and the Ministry of Advanced Education about this new tuition approach. Despite our objections – primarily that the model would put many students, particularly new students, in a position where they will be paying substantially more than a 7% increase – NAIT told us that they were in compliance with legislation. NAIT did acknowledge that certain students would be more negatively affected than others.

As we move forward, here are some of the things NAITSA is still working on regarding tuition:

  • Last week we submitted questions to the Ministry of Advanced Education about NAIT’s compliance with the Tuition & Fees Regulations and are awaiting a response.
  • We will be asking NAIT to further clarify its message from February 24th.
  • NAIT has informed NAITSA that students should continue to contact the Student Service Centre (SSC) at NAIT with any questions about the changes to tuition (here).
  • With respect to wait times at NAIT’s SSC, NAITSA will ask NAIT for an alternative contact point for students who have specific questions about the new tuition model.
  • We will provide future updates for students when we have more information.

NAITSA will continue to focus on advocating for affordable and predictable tuition for all students and we are here to support you. You can connect with us through our website chat at naitsa.ca or by email at asknaitsa@nait.ca. We would like to hear from students who have concerns or questions.

Resources to have your voice heard further include: