U-Pass Referendum


Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass) Referendum 2017

Referendum Question:

Do you support the continuation of the U-Pass program under the conditions below?


The NAIT Students’ Association has negotiated a new U-Pass contract to replace the current one, which expires August 31, 2017.
The new contract will remain with Edmonton Transit Service, St. Albert Transit, Strathcona County Transit, and add Spruce Grove,
Leduc and Fort Saskatchewan Transit.

If approved by NAIT students with a two-thirds majority “YES” vote and a minimum turnout of 10%, the new contract would
continue the U-Pass program for another four years. Otherwise, if the referendum is not approved, NAIT students would not be eligible to continue participating in the U-Pass program for at least four years.


The new U-Pass contract contains the following key conditions:

1. U-Pass would provide unlimited regular usage of Edmonton Transit, St. Albert Transit, Strathcona County Transit, Spruce
Grove Transit, Leduc Transit and Fort Saskatchewan Transit during the fall and/or winter semesters.

2. U-Pass will cost, per semester:
    – 2017/2018 – $170 (no increase, same rate as 2016/2017)
    – 2018/2019 – $170 (no increase, same rate as 2016/2017)
    – 2019/2020 – $175
    – 2020/2021 – $180

3. U-Pass will remain mandatory for all credit students at NAIT, with the following exceptions:
    – Apprentices
    – Students who take all of their classes online.

4. Students who have a valid CNIB registration, DATS, SCAT or Handibus registration, work for one of the transit services, have a U-Pass from another provider or have a practicum outside of the service area for longer than eight weeks per term, will still be able to request an exemption of U-Pass.


The U-PASS will continue here at NAIT for another 4-years. 2,765 students voted with 86.5% majority voting YES to keep U-PASS.

2765 students voted, which is an 18.1% turnout. Thank you to all who voted!