We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to take video of exciting live aerial circus performances and edit videos for promotion via social media and our website. Our festival is 4 days, June 23-26 2022, and only a few hours at a time. Students and graduates looking for exciting portfolio pieces and experience would be ideal. You will also get to see amazing shows and be apart of a growing and unique community.

Start date of opportunity: June 23, 2022

End date of opportunity: June 26, 2022

Location: La Cité Francophone, Edmonton

Skills needed of a volunteer: Videography skills and video editing

Please explain how a volunteer will develop their skills by accepting this volunteer opportunity

Circus is a creative environment. We are looking for individuals who will be equally creative, think on their feet and make something amazing that they can be proud of. This volunteer experience will involve working with art direction from the client (festival producers), making unique choices specific to taking video of live performances with a live audience and making promotional videos from that footage. Building a portfolio and making business connections along the way.