The NAIT Students’ Association (NAITSA) is pleased to share with its members that it has committed to keeping membership fees reduced until the end of the 2020/2021 academic year. Until now the 39% fee reduction was applied only to the Fall term but now will be extended through the Winter, Spring and Summer terms into 2021.

The decision was approved on November 18th by the NAITSA Senate as recommended by the NAITSA Executive Council, both of which are made up of elected members of the student body. NAITSA has taken several steps to adjust to COVID-19: to reduce costs, diversify revenue sources, and provide alternative means of delivering services to its members. Students will benefit from these combined measures through continued access to their strong and supportive association while keeping some money in their pockets as we move through to the end of this pandemic.

A healthy operating reserve fund and access to federal emergency subsidies have been instrumental in supporting existing services, delivering new services, and expanding in areas most needed by members at this critical time. Students’ finances this year have been impacted by tuition increases in addition to the pandemic. With this in mind, and recognizing that no one is able to get the ‘full students’ association experience’ right now, NAITSA’s leaders felt it was fair and in the members’ best interest to keep the fees reduced until everyone can return to campus.

The mandatory membership fees, listed in the table below, are charged to students taking apprenticeship and credit courses. The fees make up a part of the revenue that NAITSA uses to deliver the many programs, events, advocacy efforts, clubs, publications, and other services it provides for students. In the current conditions, the reduced fee is consistent with the value of those services that NAITSA can offer remotely, while certain activities are prohibited, and others are limited by the constraints of virtual delivery.

NAITSA is hopeful that this extended reprieve will be welcome to students who are relying more on NAITSA’s services than ever before, and NAITSA remains committed to providing support for students with their education, well-being, employment and financial opportunities, and all other aspects of student life where it is needed.


Credit Students

 Summer/Fall 2021Winter/Spring 2022
Full-Time (Semester cap)$105.00$131.00
Part-Time (per credit)$11.65$14.56
Online Only (per credit)$11.65$3.64

Apprenticeship Students

 Summer/Fall 2021Winter/Spring 2022
4 week rate$27.88$34.88
5 week rate$34.88$43.88
6 week rate$41.88$52.88
7 week rate$48.88$60.88
8 week rate$55.88$69.88
10 week rate$69.88$87.88
12 week rate$83.88$104.88