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Health & Dental Plan

Looking for what is covered by your Student Health and Dental Plan?

Please visit the NAITSA Service Hub Coordinators located in Room E-131. We provide health and dental coverage to over 6,400 students each year, and it’s our duty to assist you in completing all proper documentation (to opt-out or opt-in to the plan), and to answer all your questions.


NAITSA Service Hub


About Health & Dental Plans

If you are a student enrolled in a credit class that starts prior to September 29, 2017 in the fall term, or a class that starts before January 26, 2018 in the winter term, you are automatically assessed the fees for the Student Health and Dental plan, and are automatically enrolled in the plan! All credit students are assessed these fees, regardless of whether they are part time or full time students.

  • Health Plan fee: $118 per academic year and is charged in two payments of $59.00 per fall and winter semester
  • Dental Plan fee: $138 per academic year and is charged in two payments of $69.00 per fall and winter semester

  Health & Dental fees are not charged to students enrolled in Spring or Summer classes.


Who is assessed Health & Dental Fees?

  • All students accepted into a credit program, including degree, academic upgrading and open study students.
    The fees are charged to all credit students regardless if they are taking 1 class, an evening or weekend class, or full time classes.
  • Fee is assessed to full and part time students. (Excluding students who ONLY have online/distance courses)
  • Students must be in a class in the Fall and/or Winter term that starts prior to the opt-out deadline. Fall term, September 29, 2017 deadline. Winter term, January 26, 2018 deadline.
  • Not Eligible: non-credit programs, students 100% online, auditing + apprentice students.


Opting Out of the Health and/or Dental Plan




  • Deadline for opt-out, opt-in, and family add on (September intake): Friday, September 29, 2017
  • Deadline for opt-out, opt-in, and family add on (January intake): Friday, January 26, 2018

If you have comparable coverage through another insurance carrier (BlueCross, Great West Life, Manulife etc.) and you would like to opt-out of the benefits, you must fill out the waiver form and provide the NAITSA Service Hub (E-131) with confirmation of comparable coverage (benefit card, previous claims, letter from insurance company or employer etc.) before the given deadline date.
If you are a September start student, you cannot make changes to the plan in January. For instance, if you started in September and missed the opt-out deadline, you can not opt-out in January.
Please Note:   Provincial Health Care is NOT comparable coverage.

Opting Out Online

If you opt out online at you will receive an automated email confirmation when your online opt out request has been successfully submitted. This does not mean that it has been processed yet. Be sure to keep your submission confirmation email – this is your ONLY proof that you have submitted your Opt Out online.

You may be selected and contacted for an online Opt Out audit of your coverage details. Please visit for the Terms and Conditions regarding Online Opt Outs.

You will NOT be notified once your Opt Out has been processed – please check your NAIT Portal to see your fees waived or credited back to you. To confirm your refund, please contact the NAIT Student Success Contact Centre at 780-471-6248.

If you pay your tuition online through the MyNAIT Portal, leaving the boxes next to the Health and Dental fees blank (or inputting zeros) does not automatically opt you out or remove the fees. (Like a credit card statement, not paying the fees does not remove the fees. Only submitting the Opt Out before the applicable deadline will remove the fees from your Portal once your Opt Out is processed.)

There will be no exceptions if the deadline is missed, and you would be required to pay the student Health & Dental fees.

If you previously opted out of the health and dental plan, your opt out carries forward each subsequent year you are at NAIT. You do not have to resubmit an opt out waiver each year.


Opting In or Loss of Coverage

If you’ve previously opted out of the student plan and have lost your alternate coverage, you have 30 days from the loss of coverage to opt back into the student plan in room E-131.

If you opted out previously, and now you want to opt in, you need to come to the NAITSA Service Hub prior to the deadline to sign some paperwork and have the fees re-added to your NAIT Portal. If you miss opting in, you will not be able to opt in until the next benefit year.

If you are a September start student, you cannot make changes to the plan in January.

If you switch programs, please alert the NAITSA Service Hub immediately to ensure our records are up to date.


Family Coverage

Eligible students on the plan can purchase coverage for their spouse and/or dependent(s) who are under the age of 21 or up to the age of 25 if still in school full-time.

The student must complete a Family Add-on form prior to deadline and pay the additional fees. The NAIT student requesting the Family Add-on coverage must be eligible for the Health and Dental coverage themselves.

If you miss the family add on deadline, you will not be able to add your family until the next benefit year.

For more information regarding Family Add On costs, please visit, call 780-471-7730, or visit our office at E-131 for more information.


Coverage Period

For eligible students starting in the fall semester, coverage begins September 1st and ends August 31st provided there has been no change in your eligibility status from the fall to the winter semester. In cases where there has been a status change (like changing eligible programs or entering co-op or online terms), coverage may end December 31st. For eligible students starting in the winter semester, coverage begins January 1st and ends August 31st.

Since the Health and Dental fees are not charged to students in Spring and Summer courses, the only way to have coverage during the summer months is to be eligible in the Winter term.


Blackout Period

New eligible students will be added to the health and dental plan approximately 45 days from the start date of your program (this is called the Blackout period because students are not active on the plan and can’t make claims or direct bill yet).

Please keep your receipts for eligible expenses incurred during this time period for submission to the insurance carrier upon completion of the enrolment process.

We will announce when the plan is active on MyNAIT Portal, Twitter @naitplan, and with posters around the school.

Returning eligible students may continue to access the health and dental plan without disruption by using their current myBenefits Card or by submitting reimbursement claims directly to the insurance carrier.



The student benefit fees detailed herein are subject to change as only an estimate could be provided at the time of printing. Any changes to the above will be communicated to the students after they are finalized.