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Student Life

Live More on Campus

Creating friendships and memories that will carry you through life is a key part of the post-secondary experience. That’s why NAITSA is dedicated to creating opportunities for students to get involved and socialize through events, clubs, an on-campus bar, volunteer and part-time employment opportunities, and more!

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Have fun on and off campus, and prepare for your career.

Ooks Life

Looking for ways to get involved? It can be tough to figure out where to start. NAITSA typically hosts anywhere from 130 to 150 events each school year. On top of all that, NAITSA has tons of other services available to students! All that information can make it challenging to find out what’s happening on campus. 


New Student Experience

Navigating your first year at NAIT is hard! NAIT is an incredible place to further your education but figuring out what to do, where to go, and how to get involved can be a challenge. Often upon graduation, students wish they did things a bit differently during their first year, our goal is to make sure you leave NAIT without any regrets!



NAITSA’s clubs exist solely to expand and enhance your post-secondary experience. Our clubs provide valuable social, cultural, and educational services that encourage you, as a NAIT student, to participate and connect in the NAIT experience.


Clubs are not to be created for the use of resources to complete class projects. Club resources are only to be used for club initiatives and not for projects or events undertaken to fulfill requirements for courses/classes. Please see the process for class projects.

Work & Volunteer Opportunities

NAITSA is committed to providing a range of on-campus employment opportunities for students whenever possible. Check back regularly to see what’s available. Or pad your resume with volunteer experience and stand out from the competition. When you donate your time to volunteer work, you develop essential skills that will set you apart in the workforce, build new connections and help your community grow stronger.


The Nest

The Nest opened on NAIT’s main campus in 1988, a result of the hard work of three partners: NAITSA, the NAIT Board of Governors, and the Alberta Government. Since then, it’s been the best place on campus for students, instructors, and staff to make friends, make memories, watch the game, and enjoy great food and drinks.


NAIT Nugget - Student News
Started as a platform to give NAIT students a voice, The Nugget has been educating and entertaining students with hyperlocal news for over 50 years. We publish 6 print issues a year (September to April) with content continually uploaded on our website and social media year-round.