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About Us

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to enhance the NAIT student experience by advocating for their rights, representing their voice, creating a culture of engagement and leadership, while providing student-driven services. We offer a wide variety to choose from including events and activities for your entertainment; academic questions and aid; facilities to study and party; and living and health support.


Our organization is shaped by students, representing students.


The NAIT Students’ Association works hard to protect the best interests of our students both within NAIT, and at the municipal, provincial and federal government levels. Our student leaders are elected annually by the student body and are organized into the Student Senate, and the Student Executive. The Senate is composed of two elected students from each school within NAIT and provides the oversight of the organization. The Executives are comprised of the President, Vice President Academic, Vice President External and Vice President Internal. Each Executive holds a portfolio that encompasses different aspects of student life and they work full time driving important student initiatives. Any full-time students have the option to run for Senate or Executive Council.


NAITSA is proud of the opportunities we provide for students to develop their soft skills, sometimes not available in every classroom.

Volunteering, part-time employment opportunities, and Clubs are all great places to network, learn leadership skills, and build your resume.


Your NAIT Students’ Association was created in 1964 under mandate by the Government of Alberta. Currently, we hold a number of positions on a local, provincial and national level to promote our students’ interests. We are always striving to find the best opportunities for students to be exceptional during their college careers at NAIT.

Those positions include but are not limited to:

NAIT Board of Governors
– NAIT Academic Council
– Consultation with NAIT Staff Association regarding student/teacher relations
ASEC (Alberta Students’ Executive Council)


At NAITSA, students lead the way forward.

Executive Council

Led by the President, NAITSA’s Executive team is made up of three Vice Presidents: a VP Academic, a VP Internal, and a VP External. Each team member holds varying portfolios and works together throughout the year to provide services, events, and activities for NAIT students. All executives are elected to their positions on a yearly basis by the student body.



The Senate is the “governing body” of NAITSA and is responsible for ensuring that the Bylaws, the approval of the annual operating and capital budgets, and general governance outside the purview of the Executive Council. It is comprised of 12 elected students based on five (5) electoral zones, each consisting of a group of adjacent NAIT Buildings.



The NAIT Students’ Association’s Advocacy department manages external relations on behalf of the students’ association. This includes research, government relations, lobbying, as well as addressing and dealing with issues involving NAIT. NAITSA provides a strong voice for students on a wide range of topics including tuition costs, student fees, facilities, academics, government funding, transit and programs for trades.



Prior to April 8, 2009, both the Official Bylaws and the Constitution governed the NAIT Students’ Association. On April 8, 2009, the Senate passed a second reading to amalgamate the two documents into one, to be named the Official Bylaws of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Students’ Association.



The Post-secondary Learning Act of Alberta (S.95,2(e)) mandates the levying of fees on students’ association members. NAITSA budgets annually to use this revenue to provide programs, events, club administration, services, publications, engagement and advocacy for the benefit of its membership. We’ve been known to give away free food every now and then too.


Running for office not really your thing? You should still get involved by using your voice, and your vote, to help shape the direction of NAITSA. There are two major elections every academic year – Senate, and Executive Council, and every student has the opportunity to vote for the student leader that will best represent them!