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VP Internal

Hello, my name is Travis Luscombe. I am excited to serve as the Vice President Internal for the 2023-2024 school year. Over the last three years, I have been a marketing student at NAIT and have a strong passion for business and entrepreneurship. My ultimate goal is to one day own my own successful business.

I am so grateful to have been elected by the student body; I will always make it my mission to look out and fight for the student’s best interests and represent them as best as possible.

School, and the post-secondary experience for me, are so much more than inside the classroom. While what a person learns is important, the experiences and friends made will stand out the most. That is why this role is so important to me. I will be helping to facilitate campus activities and working to foster a vibrant and engaging student life experience. In addition, I aim to provide students with the best opportunities and inspire others to make the most of their time at Nait.

As your VP Internal, I am here for you, whether you have questions, concerns, ideas, or want to chat. I look forward to being a source of information and support for the student body. Feel free to contact me at

I look forward to hearing from you and wish you the best for your time at NAIT.