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Pets Assisting with Student Success

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Experience Pawsitive Vibes at NAITSA with PAWSS Dogs!

Welcome to the official webpage for the Pets Assisting with Student Success (PAWSS) program at NAITSA! We recognize the positive impact that animals can have on our overall wellbeing including mental health and stress reduction. NAITSA provides a space on campus where students can enjoy interacting with our beloved PAWSS dogs.

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Meet our PAWSS Dogs


Birthday: July 13th

Breed: Border Collie

Meet Bristol! Bristol’s favourite toy is… everything and anything that is a toy! His favourite activities are getting pets and eating (dog) cookies.

Fun fact about Bristol: He has travelled overseas multiple times as an agility competitor representing Team Canada.


Birthday: September 16th

Breed: Australian Labradoodle

Meet Chester! Chester’s favourite toy is a “stuffy” (stuffed animal with all stuffing removed, of course). His favourite activity is chasing a laser pointer up and down the hallway; getting his belly rubbed is a close second.

Fun fact about Chester: He likes his water fresh; so fresh that at home he will jump into the bathtub and bark to ask for the tap to be turned on for a drink.


Birthday: August 2nd

Breed: Shih tzu mix

Meet Kohda! Kohda’s favourite toy is a squeaky hedgehog and he especially loves to play with it while everyone is sleeping. His favourite activity is sleeping and getting his ears pet.

Fun fact about Kohda: Kohda is Brazilian and doesn’t know any commands in English, but he will do any tricks for treats. He also loves tomatoes!


Birthday: December 12th

Breed: Toy poodle

Meet Lola! Lola’s favourite toys are bouncing balls, rubber toys or just a simple wood stick. Her favourite activities are napping in her princess bed, watching birds on the cat tree, or visiting the park.

Fun fact about Lola: Lola gives the best hugs and cuddles, but you have to work for puppy kisses! She will do tricks for her favourite dog treats.


Birthday: August 25th

Breed: Pomeranian

Meet Lyla! Lyla’s favourite toy is a donut-shaped hedgehog with lots of squeakers. Her favourite activities are hanging out with her humans, getting cuddles, pets, and scratches.

Fun fact about Lyla: She is so friendly and if she’s barking it is because she’s asking for pets!


Birthday: June 27th

Breed: Golden Retriever

Meet Winnie! Winnie’s favourite toy is her stuffed pink elephant. Her favourite activity is going on walks and will jump for joy the whole time, with a few breaks to roll around in the grass.

Fun fact about Winnie: Winnie was rescued from a puppy mill and adopted from Kelowna. She can be a bit shy at first but will give you the very best snuggles once she is comfortable.


Birthday: October 30th

Breed: Samoyed

Meet MoMo! MoMo’s favourite toys are pretty much any soft squeaky toys and balls. Her favourite activity is to step her paws into cold water (shallow pool, river, muddy pond, etc.) because it feels nice and is fun, although she doesn’t like swimming or baths.

Fun fact about MoMo: MoMo knows some commands in Mandarin but she will do almost anything you ask in any language as long as there’s treats.


Birthday: January 11th

Breed: German Shepherd Doberman mix

Meet Ruby! Ruby’s favourite toy is a squeaker-less oval that used to be a green ball. Her favourite activities are running as fast as she can, swimming in the river, and going for car rides.

Fun fact about Ruby: When Ruby gets impatient, she honks like a goose. When she’s excited, she laughs like a hyena.


Birthday: May 13

Breed: Beagle

Meet Rusty! I really love snuggling with my older sister Ruby, the Beagle (she is also a PAWSS dog), and sleeping on my mom’s pillow… but I have to be honest, I love going out for a walk in the neighbourhood with my papa!

Fun fact about Rusty: I am a laboratory test survivor. Yes, some bad people used to do pharmaceutical tests on me. But I was rescued and found my mom, dad and sister, and I am in a much better place now. Even though I am recovering from some bad trauma, I am a very good boy and I love people.


Birthday: November 1st

Breed: Beagle

Meet Ruby! Ruby’s favourite toy is anything that doesn’t belong to her, like other dogs’ stuffed toys or socks. Ruby’s favourite activities are going for neighbourhood walks and digging holes in the backyard, especially wherever it is muddy!

Fun fact about Ruby: Ruby loves zucchini and is bilingual. You can give her commands in Portuguese or English, but she’ll only follow them for treats.