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Unlock Your Potential with Your Involvement Record!

Are you ready to take your extra-curricular game to the next level? Look no further because we’ve got something awesome in store for you!

Meet the Involvement Record feature of – your one-stop solution for tracking all your activities, memberships, and volunteer hours at the tip of your fingers.

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What’s in it for you?

  • Seamless Tracking: Say goodbye to the hassle of manually keeping track of your extra-curricular involvements. With our digital system, you can easily track your attendance through your personal event pass at each activity or experience.
  • Customizable Profile: Your journey, your rules! Tailor your Involvement Record to reflect your unique experiences. Hide or rearrange information to create a personalized PDF showcasing your extra-curricular journey just the way you want it.
  • Comprehensive Overview: From club memberships to leadership positions, volunteer hours to event participation – everything is neatly documented in your Involvement Record. It’s your comprehensive portfolio of achievements and experiences ready to impress!
  • Scholarship Boost: Dreaming of that scholarship? Let your Involvement Record speak for itself! Showcase your dedication, leadership skills, and community involvement effortlessly when applying for scholarships or internships.
  • Career Opportunities: Looking to land that dream job or internship? Your Involvement Record is your secret weapon! Impress potential employers with your diverse skill set, commitment, and passion for extra-curricular activities.

How does it work?

It’s simple! Every student at NAIT automatically receives access to their personalized Involvement Record. Log into, explore your profile, and watch your extra-curricular journey unfold before your eyes.

Start Exploring Now!

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to showcase your talents and accomplishments. Log in now and start building your personalized Involvement Record. Your future self will thank you for it!

Got questions or need assistance? Reach out anytime,, and let’s make your extra-curricular journey unforgettable!