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Looking for ways to get involved?

It can be tough to figure out where to start. NAITSA typically hosts anywhere from 130 to 150 events each school year. On top of all that, NAITSA has tons of other services available to students! All that information can make it challenging to find out what’s happening on campus. 

When we first created the Ooks Life initiative, we wanted to give students a centralized spot to find out about the different events and activities happening on campus. Our goal is to create a community on campus and encourage people to make the most of their time at NAIT. To do this, we developed ookslife.ca and @ookslife on social media as a way to showcase NAITSA events to students.

Our vision is to eventually create one main event page for students to view offerings from a variety of different departments across NAIT, such as Campus Life & Recreation, the International Centre, Athletics, and more. Currently, you can view all of our NAITSA events, club activities, and volunteer opportunities on ookslife.ca.

Quick Links:

September Events

Event Policies


Refunds will only be given for event cancellations up to two business days prior to the event, unless otherwise stated. To inquire about a refund, please contact the event organizer by responding to your event confirmation email.


Our events are popular! If you are unable to attend an event, please let us know so we can open your spot up to other students. Let the event organizer know you are unable to attend by replying to your event confirmation email. Refunds will only be given to students who inform us of their absenteeism at least two business days prior to the event. Please note: we have a three-strike no-show policy. If you register for events and do not show up for them on three different occasions, you will no longer be allowed to sign up for future events.


Many of our events have a waiting list! If you are late for an event, then your spot may be given away to a student who’s ready to attend. Participants who arrive late for events will be treated as a no-show. Similar to our no-show policy, we have a three-strike policy. If you are late OR do not show up to an event on three different occasions, you will not be allowed to participate in future events.


@ookslife is our social media presence! We’re active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We use these channels to post insider information about events, including countdowns for registration opening and contests (hello free Oilers tickets!). We strictly post about events on @ookslife, so you don’t have to worry about filtering out information that isn’t directly relevant to you.

Ookslife.ca is the new web software that we use to post about all the upcoming events, activities, and opportunities on campus. We’re working with different departments at NAIT to include their events on ookslife.ca so you can see what’s happening on campus all in one spot. Right now, ookslife.ca where you can go to find out what clubs are on campus, what events are happening, and what volunteer opportunities are available.

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