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VP External

Hello, new and returning students!

My name is Jenna Luczak, and I am elated to be your Vice President External for 2023/2024.

I’m a 2019 NAIT alumna and I’m excited to be back earning my Business Administration diploma. Most of my family has gone to NAIT, so when I debated returning to school, I immediately knew where I would be going… it was just a matter of “for what?”

A bit about me, I love hobbies. I love puzzles, drawing, and sewing and I’ve been attempting to learn the accordion. I love trying new things and understanding the history or background of the activity. I love animals as well; I have a Great Dane named Clover, a German Shepherd/Doberman mix named Ruby, and a couple of fish as well.

When I was here in 2019, I had a get-in and get-out mentality but being on campus again made me realize I missed out on something worthwhile, the NAITSA experience. In the 2022 Fall term, I was elected to be a NAITSA Senator. The experience of being a senator, support from friends and family, and wanting to create a positive change gave me the confidence to run for Executive Council.

My role allows me to represent the student body in municipal, provincial, and federal affairs about issues that impact students outside the walls of NAIT (e.g., tuition, transit, and more). There are many goals I want to accomplish or advocate for this term and I’m excited to see which ones come to fruition.

I’m proud to be your trusted representative and if you have any comments or concerns, please reach out to me at, or swing by the NAITSA office!