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The NAIT Tutor Registry has been retired and has now been replaced with the Nimbus Learning app!

The Nimbus Learning tutoring program is a course-specific tutoring service providing support at your convenience. Tutors go through a rigorous approval process, which includes verification that they have achieved 75% or higher in the courses that they would like to tutor.

NAITSA has partnered up with Nimbus Learning, a mobile learning platform provider, to ensure that we can easily provide support for as many courses as possible at NAIT while making the booking, communication and scheduling process as easy as can be.

Quick Links:

Welcome to the Nimbus learning app

Watch this quick video to see how easy it is to use the Nimbus Learning app.

Tip: Remember to search general tutors for your subject with code 000, for example, MATH 000 or ACCT 000. General tutors have a great knowledge of the subject for which they are listed and can help you too!


The NAIT Students’ Association is looking for knowledgeable tutors who possess a 75% or above grade in the course(s) they wish to tutor. As a tutor, you can gain valuable tutoring experience, choose your hourly pay rate and choose your own availability.

If you’re interested, please apply!

You will need to have a Google account to access the application form below, as well as a NAIT account.

1. For Google Account creation help, please click here. Please note that you DO NOT need a Gmail address to create a Google Account and access the form, and instead can link it to your existing Non-Gmail email address.

2. If you are not a current NAIT student or staff member and wish to be a tutor, please first create a NAIT account here.

3. Please note the following: If you are a NAIT student/graduate you may be eligible to tutor NAIT specific courses. If you have not taken a course at NAIT and wish to tutor that subject, you will be registered to tutor generic courses in that subject. For example, if you have not taken CHEM 2341 at NAIT, but you have proficient chemistry experience, you may be eligible to tutor “General Chemistry Courses 000” but not Chemistry 2341 specifically. 

If you have any questions, please email support@nimbuslearning.com.


NAITSA is proud to offer another service to support students’ success: the drop-in tutoring sessions! Starting this Winter/2024, NAITSA will offer some subject-focused tutoring sessions available at no-cost to all credit students. Check out the upcoming sessions, time and location in the link below. Make sure to RSVP to the sessions you will attend so we know you are coming!


If you need extra support with your classes and feel you may qualify for a tutoring credit, please click the button below. If you have any questions please contact us by phone 780-471-8855, email at tutor@nait.ca or in person at O108.

The Fine Print

We urge students to talk to their professors before seeking outside help; professors are the best tutors and want to help, and office hours are free of charge. Tutoring remains a private arrangement between the tutor and tutee; NAITSA does not take responsibility for the quality or results of a tutor or appointment, but NAITSA does verify that registered tutors have successfully completed the courses they tutor with a grade above 75%. External tutors are vetted and are able to teach generic subjects.

How do you pay a tutor on the Nimbus Learning app?

You add a credit card under your account settings and payments are handled securely through Stripe.

Does Nimbus Learning take a commission or add fees onto my payments to my tutor?

No, Nimbus Learning does not take any additional fees, so when you pay your tutor they get the whole amount of money directly.

I’m a tutor, so how do I get paid?

After applying and being hired, you will receive a confirmation and registration email from us. In the Nimbus Learning app you will need to set up your payment information with Stripe to enter your direct deposit information. Stripe processes the payment from your tutee right after your session, but the money may not be deposited into your bank account right away depending on your financial institution (times may vary).

I am an international student. Can I tutor? Does that count as employment on campus?

For more information, you can submit Immigration questions through NAIT.ca/help. You can also book an appointment with an advisor here.

I can’t find a tutor in my subject – what should I do?

If you checked the Nimbus Learning App and still cannot find a tutor for the class you need help with, please fill out this form to let us know. We will target our recruitment to your program or subject area.

I still have questions. Who do I contact?

If you have any questions about the Nimbus Learning program, or for any technical app inquires, please contact Nimbus Learning directly at support@nimbuslearning.com. If you are a tutor and have questions please email support@nimbuslearning.com.