The NAITSA Food Centre is here to help. We have a variety of resources including emergency food assistance and information for nutrition on a budget.


The NAITSA Food Centre is here to help. We have a variety of resources including emergency food assistance and information for nutrition on a budget.

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We are excited to announce our office is now open! Hamper pickups have a 1 business day turnaround. Please wait for your confirmation email and your hamper will be ready at the NAITSA office, room O108.

Who is eligible

Since beginning in 2014, The NAITSA Food Centre has experienced significant growth, but even more so in the last year. In order to keep this vital service available and sustainable, we must limit our approved hampers to only our NAITSA members (credit students who are charged the NAITSA fee in their tuition).

How it works

• Click on “Request a Hamper” button above and log in to your “Ooks Life” account to fill out a hamper request.
• Each food hamper aims to provide 3 days’ worth of non-perishable food for emergency food security.
• You may apply twice per month; once during the first half and once during the second half.
• Please note that we are filling hamper requests weekly during our office closure.
-Wait until your hamper is created and you are notified by email to pick it up on campus at D building (Protective Services)
-Bring your OneCard for pickup identification

For any questions please email Please see below for additional food security resources.


Suggested Donations
High Need Products

  • Canned Vegetables (e.g. Corn, Peas, Carrots, etc.)
  • Canned Fruits (e.g. Peaches, Pineapple, Applesauce, etc)
  • Powdered Milk
  • Peanut Butter
  • Rice Products (e.g. Uncle Ben’s Sidekicks)
  • Additionally, NAITSA will gladly accept toiletries and hygiene products – razors, toothbrushes, travel size soaps/shampoos, etc.

Please Note: At this time, the Food Centre CANNOT accept perishable food items (produce, non powdered dairy,meat products). Click here to download a list of needed items.

Suggested Donations: Additional Information
  • Pop-top cans are preferable to cans requiring a can opener, if possible
  • Donations of items such as Chef Boyardee, etc. are wonderful, but they also are only useful for a single meal – items such as those on the above list, however, can be stretched out over meals if need be.
  • Although we appreciate all donations, we would ask that donors pay attention to product expiration dates before donating to the NAITSA Food Centre.
Information on Best Before Dates
Many consumers have concerns around expiry/best before dates on their food products. For the non-perishable items we collect, these dates are no indication of food safety –as long as they are unopened, the products are still perfectly safe to consume without any health risks. ‘Best Before’ dates on non-perishable products are used to indicate optimum freshness – after the indicated date the food may lose some of its freshness and nutritional value, and may have a slightly different texture. However, it will still be safe to consume.

Keeping all that in mind, we here at the NAITSA Food Centre do encourage donors to pay attention to ‘Best Before’ dates on items donated, as we can make better use out of items well within their dates.

More information on the topic can be found at the following links:


NAITSA Food Centre Resource Guide on Meal Planning
Click here to download a Food Centre resource guide on meal planning, food tips and tricks, and more!


Snack Attack – Recipes

Snack Attack – Recipes

Did someone say snacks?! Hard work should be rewarded by good food. Keep your friends close but your snacks closer. Tired of the same boring snacks? Try out these snacks, a NAITSA Food Center share, and they're simple as 1,2,3.   PB & Jelly Bars Simple and...

Pasta Fagioli Italian Stew

Pasta Fagioli Italian Stew

Teeming with vegetables, legumes and pasta, this hearty soup is perfect for chilly nights. Great to make on a snowy day, tastes even better the next day. Designed with many non-perishable canned foods so including prep time this delish should be ready to enjoy in...

Weeknight One Pot Pasta Recipe

Weeknight One Pot Pasta Recipe

Our family favourite – comfort food at its finest.  Italian sausage, cheese, tomatoes, pasta—and all in just one cooking pot? What’s not to like? This one-pot dinner brings together comforting, easy-to-find ingredients in an ultra-simple preparation to make a midweek...


Edmonton Food Bank

The Edmonton Food Bank can provide you with a food hamper that includes perishable food items (produce, meat products, eggs, etc based on what they have).

Those in need can either call The Edmonton Food Bank at 780-425-4190 or you can contact NAITSA at 780-471-8855, email or in our office O108, and we can provide a one-time referral for you.

The Edmonton Food Bank staff can provide you with a location closer to your home if you call 780-425-4190. You will need a valid photo ID and bags to carry the food when picking it up.

***Please note that if you request a one-time referral from us you are expected to pick it up at the Edmonton Food Bank in a timely manner.

Wecan Food Society

Wecan is a non-profit group that helps people buy fresh fruit and vegetables and freshly frozen meat for $25.00 a month. Members receive three types of fruit, three types of vegetables, and three types of freshly frozen meat. You do not need to buy a membership or make an order every month. Unfortunately the NAITSA Food Centre is unable to act as a depot at this time, however here is a list of depots.

For more information, please visit WECAN FOOD SOCIETY website.

211 Edmonton

211 is an Edmonton-based referral phone line that connects people to social, government, and health services in their area. 211 can provide service beyond food needs and can specialize in referrals to your needs and area.

211 – Resource Lists


Flashfood offers great discounts on a variety of products that are nearing the expiration date. Flashfood is offered at multiple grocery stores.


Thank you for considering to donate to the NAITSA Food Centre.

Since September 2014, the NAIT Students’ Association has been doing everything possible to provide emergency food assistance to students in need. We are very grateful for all the support and donations we have received throughout these years.

In 2020, with the NAIT community’s generous donations, the NAITSA Food Centre gave out 651 hampers to students in need. If you wish to contribute to the NAITSA Food Centre, you can purchase donations or meals through our website.

The NAITSA Food Centre will also gladly accept non-perishable donations. If you wish to donate in person, please email us at

Thank you kindly for your support, and know your contribution will not go unnoticed!

Let’s hear from you!

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