The NAIT Students’ Association would like to inform students that the U-Pass for the Fall 2020 Term has been suspended. Unfortunately, there will be no Fall 2020 Term U-Pass for post-secondary students in Edmonton. During this period, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us directly at upass@nait.ca or 780.491.3966.

At this time, we are working very closely with the City of Edmonton regarding the Winter 2021 U-Pass program. We believe there will be a Winter 2021 Term U-Pass; however, the exemption form for eligible students for Winter 2021 is not open for submissions yet.

We will keep you posted and ensure that all up to date information regarding U-Pass will be available on our website. We are here for you and we thank you for your understanding.

U-Pass Eligibility

The U-Pass is a mandatory fee for all students enrolled in a single credit course at NAIT.

Students that are NOT eligible for U-Pass:

– Apprentices
– Students who take all of their classes 100% online (Note: this means there is no on-campus component, including exams and presentations)
– Non-credit students (For example: ESL, Continuing Education)
– Students whose courses begin after the opt-out deadline.

Opt-out Deadlines

Fall 2020: September 25, 2020 – There is NO Fall 2020 Term U-Pass
Winter 2021: January 29, 2021

All qualified students are automatically charged a U-Pass fee for the Winter 2021 term.

U-Pass Distribution

The U-Pass is a sticker placed on your valid One Card at the beginning of each term (for up to date information on the One Card, please visit www.nait.ca/one).

Once you have a valid One Card, the U-Pass can be obtained from various locations, please see Fall U-Pass schedule below.

U-Pass Winter Distribution Dates

U-Pass is not offered during the SPRING and SUMMER semesters. Please note, that the Fall 2020 U-Pass has been suspended. If you would like access to public transit your best bet would be to look into getting a post-secondary monthly pass.


How much does the U-Pass cost?

For the 2020-2021 school year, the U-Pass will cost $180.00 for the Winter term. The U-Pass fee is charged alongside your tuition, so you pay for it when you pay your NAIT account balance.

U-Pass is NOT offered during the SPRING or SUMMER semesters.

What if my sticker is damaged or begins to fall off during the term?
Come to the NAITSA office immediately and we can replace it for you. It’s very important to keep all traces of your U-Pass sticker since we have to show ETS the damaged product. Any sticker that has passed its expiry date can be removed and discarded.
What if I lose my NAIT One Card with my U-Pass?

1) To replace your One Card, you must pay a $25 replacement fee at the One at NAIT office (South Lobby O112) and the staff there will print you a new card. For the most up-to-date information on the One Card, please visit www.nait.ca/one.

2) Bring your new One Card to NAITSA Room O-108.

3)The U-Pass replacement fee is pro-rated for each month.
January: $180
February: $135
March: $ 90
April: $45

Please Note: It is a chargeable offence to sell or give your U-Pass sticker away.

Will I still be able to claim the Federal Tax Credit?

Federal tax deduction for transit is only allowed up to June 30, 2017 and has been permanently ceased by the government after that date.

Is U-Pass mandatory?

U-Pass applies to everyone taking even a single credit course at NAIT, regardless of whether they are part-time or full-time.

For students who are affected, the U-Pass is a mandatory fee even if the student drives or lives outside of the service area.

Apprenticeship students, students who take all of their classes 100% online (meaning they will never need to come to campus for any reason, such as an exam), and students whose courses do not begin until after the first month of classes are exempt from the program and will not be charged the U-Pass fee.

What if I reside outside the service area?
Unfortunately, even if you reside outside of the U-Pass service area, the U-Pass is still a mandatory fee if you are taking credit courses at NAIT. NAITSA is constantly working to improve the service are and make sure that all students can benefit from the U-Pass, regardless of where they live.
If I withdraw from NAIT, do I still have to pay for U-Pass?
U-Pass is a non-refundable fee except for students who withdraw from NAIT before the exemption deadline (see “May any other students request an exemption to the U-Pass fee?” and have not picked up their U-Pass sticker. Once the sticker is picked up the fee is not refundable even if the student withdraws. If you are a sponsored student and you pick up your U-Pass and then drop your courses, you will still need to pay the U-Pass fee.
I thought I was Continuing Education. Why am I paying for U-Pass?
As of September 2013, NAIT has eliminated the Continuing Education classification of credit students. Those students are now classified as regular program students, and pay the same fees as all other credit students.
How was the U-Pass decision made?
In February 2017 NAIT students passed a referendum to continue U-Pass at NAIT and extend it to all credit students. NAITSA’s bylaws require that a fee such as U-Pass be approved in a referendum, and that it must pass by a 2/3 majority of students who vote. 2,765 students voted with 86.5% majority voting YES to keep U-PASS. Those students who were full members of NAITSA were eligible to vote.
Transit Service and LRT

Transit service levels to NAIT continue to be a concern, especially at the Souch and Patricia campuses. NAITSA will continue to press the City of Edmonton for greater transit funding and better service to NAIT campuses.

The U-Pass provides you unlimited access to regular service in the following cities:

Edmonton (including the LRT):

Fort Saskatchewan:


Spruce Grove:

St. Albert:

Strathcona County:



Megan Brodeur
Service Hub Manager

Valentyna Burakovska
Service Hub Coordinator, U-Pass and The Food Centre

Haley Pickard
Service Hub Coordinator, Benefits and ESTL