Campus Clubs will continue to serve student club leaders through an online presence. Stay tuned for messages through the OrgSync platform. There has been a special email created ( that will reach all the Campus Clubs staff. Be sure to place a keyword (events, finance, etc.) in the subject line to facilitate efficient follow up. All equipment bookings are suspended until further notice.

Why should I join a club?

Joining a club has many benefits …

  Pursue your interests, hobbies and passions
  Meet new people
  Reduce your stress
  Have FUN!

NAITSA’s clubs exist solely to expand and enhance your post-secondary experience. Our clubs provide valuable social, cultural, and educational services that encourage you, as a NAIT student, to participate and connect in the NAIT experience.

Our main philosophy on clubs is that they must be open to EVERY STUDENT AT NAIT, regardless of age, race, religion, ability, gender, social status, or sexual orientation.

With so many options, it’s very difficult for a NAIT student to not find something to join. It really is the best way to ensure you have the ultimate NAIT experience!

How to start a club

You need 3 people to start a club:

  Vice President Events
  Vice President Finance

Build your team to suit your club’s needs with additional members (including your 3 core members.) All club executives must be current NAIT students.

Register your club online via OrgSync:

1. Go to

2. Click “Sign in with Campus ID”. Complete your personal profile, if this is your first time signing in

3. Click “Organizations”, then click the green “Register New Organization” button. Please ensure that your club executive have all signed on to OrgSync and completed their profiles prior to beginning your club’s registration.

Congratulations, you’re on your way to having a club on campus!


11762-106 Street
Suite 4000, Rm. O108
Edmonton AB
T5G 3H4

Summer Hours

Monday – Thursday
08:00am – 04:30pm
08:00am – 04:00pm

Clubs Leaders

Rose Martin Baumgartner
Campus Clubs Manager

Jasmine Khanam
Campus Clubs Coordinator

Laura Hebert
Campus Clubs Coordinator

Lucia Deng
Campus Clubs Advisor

Want to join a club? Discover our list of clubs through OrgSync.

Discover OrgSync


OrgSync connects students to NAITSA and other students through a web hosted platform creating an online community for our campus. It will help improve communication, promotion and sharing of information overall.

How will it benefit your club?

OrgSync provides organizations with the tools to transform the way clubs operate, including: manage organization records, store and share important documents, communicate with members, plan and publicize events, track service hours and meeting attendance and significantly reduce paperwork. Many of the tools also connect to Facebook and Twitter allowing you to create everything in one place and push it out to your social media platforms. Students will have personalized news feed, making it easy to stay informed and up-to-speed on activities and events in their organizations. OrgSync centralizes all the information students’ need into one platform, allowing them to more effectively manage their organization memberships and track their co-curricular involvements.

Want to join a club?

Log in with your NAIT Portal ID and Password. Once logged in click on My Memberships and select ‘All Memberships’. Discover our list of clubs available through OrgSync.