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The best move you can make as a student is to get to know and make use of NAITSA services. From academic support, to making friends, to saving money on everyday purchases, NAITSA makes your life easier so you can focus on what’s really important. Scroll down and learn more about how NAITSA supports you in three key areas that will help you further your educational goals!


NAIT students are built to succeed, and NAITSA is here to help them do it. From getting good grades to having a good time, NAITSA has everything you need to make your time at NAIT the best it can be!

Student Services

Save money and save time, NAITSA’s Service Hub is here to make your life as a NAIT student easier.

Student Life

To make the most of your time at NAIT, create more than just memories. NAITSA helps students create community.

Student Leadership

Led by students, for students, NAITSA exists to make the NAIT experience better, and our work never stops!

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